Friday, October 2, 2009

Pink Saturday

Welcome to another Pink Saturday, I am so excited to be part of this. Last week was so much fun. I really wanted to hit every blog , but time blew by so fast. But I want to Thank Beverly so much for inviting me to participate again.

As you can see I love PINK, my favorite Pink Sharpie, my Pink Phone , and My Pink Deck of Playing Cards. My youngest little guy (10) gave these to me, for One, he knows that PINK is my favorite color, but mostly because he loves playing games. This time of the year Im so busy sewing, that he has to come and bring me out of my PINK fog and get some quality time together by challenging me to one of his favorite games of War, concentration ( Which he is so good at, I rarely get much of a chance) and now his new favorite~Poker~The winner? Well we both win , just the giggling is enough for me. And the homemade brownies he convinces me that we just have to have. I have 3 Beautiful Boys, and my loving ,supportive husband. I am so blessed that they can tolerate my love of Pink. I have always told them , when they all grow up and move out on their own, their dad will be helping me transform our boy friendly home into my PINK CASTLE :) , But Im not ready for all of them to move yet, so My pink sharpie, Pink Phone and my special deck of Pink cards are all I need.,,,,for now..

As part of Pink Saturday, we are asked to feature a fellow blogger , I want to feature my absolute favorite lady I have ever met on the Net, Her name is Jil, Adrianna Boutique, "Say it with Roses". She has kept me grounded when I wanted to explode from some very unkind sellers , She only has kind, encouraging words. I know when I need to vent, she listens, or just up for a chat. She is so creative and LOVES pink just like me. I hope you take the time to check out her blog, and all her pretties she sells. Well worth it. Love you Jil!! Click on her pretty box on the side bar ..