Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

Spring has sprung for sure today in beautiful Southern California, and WOW, a perfect picture for Pink Saturday. This is my ornamental Plum tree in my before spring cleanup backyard , this tree is always my favorite blooming tree in my yard, but it only stays like this for less than a week, because as soon as it blooms, the Santa Ana winds come and blow off all the blooms. So, with Pink Saturday in mind I caught some pics before its blown bare. Isnt it just BEAUTIFUL?!!

This week has been full of pink for me. Back to junking and repurposing once loved items so they can get more love by someone else :)

As always, I want to Thank Beverly, for Hosting this fun Pink Saturday.
I hope you go and visit her.

Also this week I have been really making an effort to visit other blogs, I just cant tell you how many fun blogs I found. I am surely addicted to blogging .
 I started here at Bobbypinsboardwalk and went from there, all so much fun and interesting, everyone that I added are so totally worth visiting. Start here though

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Pink Saturday, And HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some of my Completed Projects this week

It has been the perfect week to be working outside in the paint. First of all, I love bringing new life into
past loved items. I know there is someone out there that will love them again.

Earlier this week I posted some of my junking finds, and due to the most beautiful weather, I was able to get alot done.
THis is one of the little lamps, a little bit of paint and a new custom shade , so cute. and then the little perfume bottle next to it, all victorianed up. And remember the tired looking brown table, All it needed was some fresh paint, a pretty Catherine Klein Roses Decal, and a pretty pink glass knob, which I ordered, so I guess technically its not done, but I couldnt resist sharing.  There are a few more things in their final stages that Ill share later.  I hope you enjoyed, and come back soon. Check out my ebay for some of these prettys available, plus Im making custom lamp shades too.
Hope everyone is having a beautiful Pre-SPring Day!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Adopted Kitty

I dont know what it is around here, but for some reason, the cats just love our house. About 5 years ago, a beautiful gray cat adopted us, just showed up one day and never left.
Recently another beautiful Teenage Cat showed up, we tryed to discourage him from staying, he belonged to someone, Im sure they missed him. We hung signs around the area, and contacted the animal shelter, but no one claimed this dear little guy. He didnt want to leave anyway. I told my little guy to not get attached to him, because he did not belong to us, he was just on a journey passing though. But it has been 3 weeks now, and he isnt going anywhere. Last night I found him in my older sons bed. I just couldnt throw him out in the 30 degree cold when he was so warm and cozy curled up next to my son. So now what?  He is so friendly, he isnt afraid of anyone, he gets into everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. I found him up on my china cabinet playing with a champaign glass that my son gave me, that I hadnt put away yet.  He drinks out of the toilet,,YES,,he does! Craziest thing Ive ever seen. he chases a ball, he flips, he jumps out from behind the coach and grabs your leg, he chases the light of a laser pen. And he is a lovey. My oldest son gave him a name, even after I told him not too, HE ISNT OUR CAT!! But now we call him Bagerra, I guess its a character in the Jungle book, The spelling may be wrong too, I have no idea where or why that name, but now it fits.  So now we have another cat that has Adopted us. If we dont hear from anyone for a couple more weeks, he is going to be fixed.  For now he is a guest in our house, with his own food, his own bowl, and a feast last night of freshly cooked rotissorie chicken. What more can a cat want.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


It has been a while since my sister and I ventured out Junking. First of all, the weather has been crazy, and second, I have just been WAY too busy with other important things..WHAT??? too busy for junking?? YIKES..

So, listening to the trustie weather guy, it was suppose to be a beautiful day for junking,,ha,,wouldnt that be funny if they said that?  I was up bright and early , with all the must have junking supplies, looked outside,,looked pretty windy, nothing new around here, so I wrapped up warm , and off I went to pick up my sissy. 

We always try to make a game out of it, so this week we had to accomplish 3 things each. #1-find something that we can Sling on ebay that all we have to do is snap a pic and list, Love that word, Dont you? "Sling"
#2-Find something to repurpose #3 Find something Pink

First stop,,A HUGE rummage sale at one of the High School, we were the first ones there, IMAGINE THAT. The only problem with being the first one, is that everyone had not finished unloading, and since we were anxious to get going, being our first junking day for the year, we scrambled through what was there, found some goodies, and off we went to the next.  And by the way,,It was FREEZING , with blowing wind, my sister didnt dress for that kind of weather, so we didnt stay long at each location because she was freezing..There were yard sale signs up EVERYWHERE, we just love seeing the multi colored signs all over the neighborhood. Unfortunately we took my little mustang, BIG mistake, I could have filled a truck. So we had to settle for filling my little car to the top .

A very successful day, I must say. Here are some of the items I found. THis is just a little bit . I didnt feel like taking pictures of everything today. But These are items that are already being REPURPOSED!!

Ill show these when Im all done, making them Pretty.   Today, being Sunday, and the day was beautiful , perfect for spending the day outside getting some fresh air. I already sanding down the table, and it will have a fresh coat of primer and cottage white paint by the end of the week , weather willing. My little Milk glass lamps will have the wood and brass painted white, and new shades made custom just for them, I love doing this, but I hate giving them up in the end, but that is why I do it, Its my little income, so I can keep doing it :)

As for our little game, I found a couple things to SLING, a bunch of stuff to repurpose, but couldnt find anything PINK !   Maybe next week.

Hope Everyone had a wonderful weekend, And I hope you all remembered to SPRING your clocks forward .