Friday, December 11, 2009

~Happy Pink Saturday~

This week we were asked to tell you about our favorite Christmas Decoration by our wonderful  hostess Beverly.

Many years ago, I was very much into Ceramics, I made so many things, I just loved it. But the best thing about it was spending time with my Mom.  I was a new mom and commuting an hour or more to work everyday with my first little guy . It was so exhausting that I started staying with my parents once a week just so I could get some much needed sleep, They lived less than 5 minutes from my job. My hubby communted in the opposite direction , so we didnt see much of each other until the weekends.  On that one night after work my mom and I would go to a ceramic class, while grandpa watched my little guy.  I soaked up that class as much as I could. This went on for about 5 years.  During that time I graduated to making ceramic dolls, animals with cloth doll bodies,etc.  My teacher always challenged me, because she just wanted to see what I would do with it. One of my challenges was Santa claus. I couldnt wait to get started. pouring, cleaning,painting , firing,(praying it didnt break in firing) , glaze and one more firing. Oh ,,he made it. Then she gave me a pattern to make a cloth body. Then i started on the MRS. , She made it through all the firings too. NOW what...I had to make clothes???!! Yikes..

After a couple weeks of deciding on how I was going to clothe my treasures, I dug out my sons first christmas outfit, a little santa jammie with a hat. It fit perfect, only adjustment, cutting off the feet and altering the hat to fit the little santa head,  The dress for the Mrs!! No problem. Alot of love went into this sweet little couple, and I found a use for my #1 son's outfit. Mrs claus is wearing a locket with his picture in it, wearing that outfit. The little mouse was made by my mom at the same time. Every Year They are the first things unpacked, Always praying that they didnt get damaged putting them away every year, Always brings a smile to my face as I carefully remove them from their yearly naps. Always sad to see them tucked away for another year.
Thank you for coming by and sharing with me, I hope you all have a safe and Merry Christmas!!