Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy 'PINK" Saturday

Is it Saturday already? Wow this week flew by FAST!!
I am so busy planning and preparing for my Boy Scout Son's Eagle Ceremony, its sort of like planning a wedding in 6 weeks. You can either go fast and easy, or all out, Im going in between.  This week I did get some things pink done to list on Ebay.  First one is this sweet journal, fashioned after all the popular altered art items out there. But mine is all made of fabric, and embroidery, lace and buttons. A nice hard bound art journal is the base . I came up with this , when I noticed I was scribbling ideas or sketching thoughts on little pieces of paper, I knew that couldnt continue, I was loosing those ideas everytime I cleaned off my desk.  So, to remedy that problem, I started using one of the journals without the sweet covering. Its full of sketches, and thoughts, lists for material I need , etc. It fits perfect in my purse, so when Im out and about, I have it with me, so I can refer to it when Im stocking up on supplies, or maybe Ill come up with some other fun ideas and I have my book with me. No excuse anymore, that I forgot what I was thinking, or what I needed. It has really helped me. Except when I leave it on my craft table at home :)
Another item I made this week , is just like my Valentines Tussies, but this one is for easter, I even made it woven like a basket, but with fabric, had fun with my serger making the majority of this one. But like most of my week , I have been sewing my sons Boy Scout Memory Quilt. Its just a rag quilt, nothing fancy, easy to take care of . You know, boys cant have those fancy quilts and take care of them properly. Plus I had to do something different. When he was in cubscout, he was given a shadow box, with all the merit badges etc put in it. They do have the same thing for Boy Scouts. But you buy all new patches, they are not the originals because many of them are already on his sash or his uniform. It is a huge expense for something that will end up in a box, and never looked at again. So I decided to put all his patches from campouts , ranks etc, onto a rag quilt. I used fleece instead of flannel, and found some awesome fabric made just for Boy Scouts. THis is a picture of it before it was sewn together. Right now its in the dryer, for the rag process. Ill post a picture when its done. But I know my son will appreciate this more, and be able to enjoy his accomplishment more with this, and they are HIS patches, that were on his uniform at one time.
Well that was my week, Im so glad to be participating in Pink saturday, and thank you Beverly for having me.
I hope everyone has a safe weekend