Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!

Alot of crazy weather around here this week, power on , power off, thunder,lightening strikes, fires, flash flood rain. So due to this I really didnt get much done this week. I wanted to show something pink, somethink new, but I havent worked on anything PINK. So I figured Id give you an update on Our Little Frank the kitten.
He actually gets into this "PINK" bowl all the time, has pushed it onto the floor in frisky kitten style, He is so crazy active, I guess its been a long time since we had a kitten in the house, Cant wait for him to get past this stage, he is very destructive too. You all know what I mean. But the worse thing, is that we have to lock him up in the bathroom at night because he jump on your head while you sleep , he likes to sleep on my neck, and that freaks me out. He is growing everyday and thinks he's boss.

That's all the pink I have this week, And all next week Ill be finishing up on my year long preparation of my family reunion, I cant wait.

This was Frank about 6 weeks ago

Thank you to Beverly for hosting my favorite Blogging day, I hope you find time to go see her too!!

I hope you all find time to become part of my Christmas in July Giveaway. 
Have a safe and Happy Pink Saturday
(HUGS) to all