Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

Not much pink going on around my house the past 3 weeks, all preparations for my Sons Boy Scout Eagle Ceremony in full force, as you read this , we will be celebrating his achievement.

We are so very proud of him, he has grown into a wonderful young man.
Another fun story this week , My husband is helping out with the renovation of a house for an Academy Award Nominated Actor, Jeremy Renner.  He was on The "Today" show when they announced the nominations for the Acadamey awards and found out there that he was nominated for Best Actor in the Movie 'The Hurt Locker". At that time they interviewed him and asked how he felt, and he said,,"Im going to have to "Break some Serious Legs" , I thought it would be fun to make him a hankerchief with that statement embroidered on it. My hubby gave it to him and he was very gracious .  Then later this week my hubby brought home the "People Magazine and told me to read an article in it. 
Jeremy mentioned the Hankerchief that I made for him, as his Lucky charm for the Academy Awards..WOW! I never expected anything like that.  Even though my name isnt mentioned, it is still one of the nicest things anyone has ever said.

All of our love and positive energy to him on his awesome achievement. He was really good in this movie.He totally deserves it.

I want to thank Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday
Its always so much fun
Hope everyone has a safe and happy Pink Saturday
Hugs to all :)