Saturday, November 7, 2009


Is it Saturday already?!! I just dont know where the week goes lately. Wasnt it just Halloween a WEEK AGO?? Wow I need time to slow down , its going by too fast.

I guess its that time of the year to start our Holiday Shopping, I am definitely not ready for that. The crowds in the stores,,YUK!  I am going to really try to be prepared this year by starting early. Many of my friends decided this year, we are going to only give Handmade gifts to each other, this way its really from the heart. NO mass produced chauckie (Not sure about the spelling on that :) ) that will sit and collect dust, I definetly do not want any dust collectors. I love getting handmade anyway. So its a great idea.  Some make scarves, purses, homemade soup, cookies, a photo album, a framed picture of their Dog, you name it, wouldnt that be awesome to get? So Im promoting HANDMADE this year, since that is what I do, and love it.  When you just dont know what to get that special person, buy handmade, they are usually one of a kind items that you cant find in a store, you know its made with love, and someones precious time. 
I have sold my handmade pretties on ebay for many years, and usually by christmas I am so burnt out, I dont have the energy to make items for the ones I love, I hear it every year, I would love to have that pillow, or stocking  or a pair of pink jammies etc. So I've already started my list and gradually will make something special for my family too.
     So to celebrate Pink Saturday, Im going to start by showing you one of my Christmas stockings, I love the pink, I love making many items with pink, but I do sway away from pink at times so I hope you watch. But this sweetie of a stocking is for today.  I would also like to tell you about other sellers I have met on ebay, etsy, and Lollishops. There are so many talented artists that make the sweetest handmade goodies, I hope you have a chance to check them out this holiday season.  I hope you all decide to give Handmade, if not from me, from another artist that will make it, and send it to you with love, and you dont even have to fight the crowds  :)
I would also like to thank Bev for hosting Pink Saturday, I love meeting all you wonderful people.
Have a Safe Weekend
HUGS to all~~

Friday, November 6, 2009

Custom Personalized KEEPSAKE Christmas Stocking

Its that time of the year around here, and thanks to my Sister-in-Love and my cutie niece ,they are out peddling my Custom Stockings. Since I am offering them in so many places I figured I better make it easier to find them, I hope this helps.

I have been selling these for over 3 years now, with the keepsake images on them, they are images that I print onto cotton fabric, not the iron on, these will not crack. They are definitely a Treasured Heirloom, and I hope you pack a Hankie along with it, from my experience they cause the water to flow from the eyes :).

I have made Family, grandchildren, children, Pets, First Christmas together, Baby's First Christmas. Individual family members with photos from baby to adult.  As long as you can email me the photo, I can print MOST photos.

The stockings are made like a scrap quilt, and machine topstitched throughout. Lined with quilters fleece for long lasting durability and a cooridinating fabric on the inside, a detachable bow and a big jingle bell tied to the toe, Measures Approx 18" from top to toe. Everyone is different , a one of a kind Treasured Heirloom.
I hope you have a chance to get one.
If your interested in one,, just click on the link
Hope you all have a safe and Happy Holiday season

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy November

Another Halloween is over, all the decorations are put away, and the Thanksgiving Turkeys are on display. My Halloween was busy,busy. Started out the morning painting a bunch of old furniture white, Prime, then was so nice outside , My sister and I decided to pull it all out on her driveway to work on it,,Being a Saturday Morning, we had the usual lookie lous, thinking we were having a yard sale, Obviously with all the paint, tarps and furniture partly primed and doors removed, we werent having a sale. But they still stopped to see what we were doing. We could have done a better job, I must admit, but the furniture it for our little shop we are attempting to get up and running in the next two weeks, and they will be used only for display cases, table etc. They are truely SHABBY CHIC. Most of the furniture we have picked up at garage sales for nickles and dimes, The primer and Paint was the biggest expense. A few pictures of the before on some, and Ill keep you all updated on the completion.

  Then the kids were getting antsy to go out trick or treating, all dressed up, off they went. I stayed behind with my grandbaby , he had an ear infection so it wasnt wise to take him out in the cold air, but grandma couldnt resist giving him a sucker, Oh My,,,that was the best candy EVER.  He made such a mess with that little sucker.

Not too many goblins this year, I didnt even buy that much candy, and still had alot left. Bagged it up , put it in the freezer, out of my eye site. Thats all I need. Im sure the kids will find it in the garage freezer soon enough.
I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween, and a beautiful start to your November.