Friday, October 9, 2009

Pink Saturday

A beautiful Saturday Here in Southern California, the birds are singing and the trees are starting to turn colors. Thank you so much for including me on "Pink Saturday"
Last week I talked about my youngest little guy, and I felt it important to let you know a little about my #2 son. I know it isnt Pink, but He is like a beautiful Pink rose to me.

Our Middle Son, #2, will be 18 in January, he has been in Boyscouts since the 1st grade. And after all of this time he is finally getting to the end of his scouting career by completing his Eagle Community Service Project. He is into the screaming hardcore gut wrenching music (which I hate) but then he plays everything else too so beautifully on his guitar, His guitar and music are his passion. He has long blond hair more than 1/2 way down his back, he wears black ALL the time. If I let him get piecings he would probably be like a pincushion, but we dont allow that or tattoos until he graduates high school, then its his decision,hopefully by then he will be past that stage. Anyone that doesnt know him very well probably gets a different perception of him. Yesterday, he had to go to the stores to ask for Donations, In his Scout uniform with his hair tied back, he was so afraid someone he knew would see him. First off, the attendance lady from his high school runs into him,, oh my god, is this Joey??? She was so impressed and told him how proud she was of him. I never seen such a huge smile on his face. An older gentleman stopped him in the parking lot, and wanted to see all his badges on his sash, he was so impressed, he shook my Joeys hand, and told him he was proud of him, He didnt even know this man. Finally after 10 years of being in Scouting, it took a stranger to say how proud they were , for him to realize what scouting has done for him. I wanted to cry. Why does it take a stranger to get your kids to listen? We have been telling him the same thing . I guess we dont count . When picking his Eagle Project he had always said he didnt want to build a bench or a table, because that is all he ever sees, so after many , many , many ideas , he finally came up with a wonderful one. He is collecting new or used DVD's for OPERATION GRATITUDE. Operation Gratitude collects certain item and then boxes them up in care packages for our Military Overseas. Every year my son and his Boy Scout Troop go to the Armory and help in packing up these boxes. This year he will be able to contribute to the boxes through his Eagle Project. We are so proud of him for that. To come up with a thoughtful thing to do for our men and women protecting us overseas. It is a wonderful thing they do, you may want to look them up
So, in closing, My Joey is my Beautiful Pink Rose, full of hopes and dreams, and on his way .
And as part of Pink Saturday, we are to feature a blogger that we met,,I read Amy's OCD~Obsessive Creative Disorder" , She is so adorable, Love her Blog, Love her Cat. I hope you go check her out. CLick on her button on the side..
Hope you all have the best "PINK SATURDAY

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