Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday~


WOW, this week flew by, With a visit to the pumpkin patch with ALL my boys, I cant believe they all wanted to go, I cherish these moments so much, My youngest still likes to go, plus now I have a grandson that was more interested in the bark than the pumpkins, then we have pumpkins to be carved and costumes to put together, and too much candy in the house already. Im exhausted!!
My kids are getting too old for mom to make their costumes , I would make them if they wanted me to, but with all boys, they have a mind of their own. My oldest now has his own son, so my sweet daughter in law had the pleasure of dressing him, Of course I wanted to do it, but I guess I have to step back. I have always made my kids costumes, never store bought. I always wanted them to be unique. But they have outgrown mom. This year my #2 son just couldnt decide if he wanted to dress up, my #3 son wanted to be a soldier, so at least he let his dad and me piece together his uniform, hoping it wouldnt offend any of our soldiers serving in the military. He ended up with my brother in laws Army shirt, a pair of camo pants from Target, and his dad picked him up a hat , belt and canteen from the Army surplus store which was from the Marines. He actually looked so cute, he was so proud to wear it.

 The last time my kids let mE make costumes, actually begged me , was the year they both wanted Star wars, they turned out so good, I still have the costumes, Too much work to get rid of them. Maybe my Danny will want to wear the larger one some day. 
Im so glad you came by today, And I hope everyone Has a Safe and Happy Halloween.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Freezing Friday

It really starting to feel like fall around here, the leaves from the neighbors tree is making a huge mess in my yard, an every year occurance, Its always the first tree to loose all of its leaves, and the wind blows them all over my yard, lucky for him but a mess for us. But its actually pretty, and the wind will pick up and blow them on to the next yard in a couple days.  Five years ago this month, my husband was sitting out on our bench in the front yard eating a piece of chicken, when along came a beautiful grey cat, he must have smelled the chicken because he instantly became my husbands new best friend. And my husband did the worse thing you can do , to a stray animal..FED HIM . That cat never left. He adopted us. He was very shy at first, he would only go to my husband, he followed him everywhere, probably hoping for some more chicken. Eventually we just took him in, got him a food and water bowl, a bed for the ledge outside under the window and gave him a name, "Ash", Because there was a huge fire going and there was Ash falling around us, and he was the same color.  Anyway, he finally warmed up to me, and the rest of the family enough to venture into the house, not for long, at the time my youngest was 5 and very active, so he scared him off out of the house, but that didnt take long for him to venture back inside. And found a welcome spot for him on our bed,

 Now 5 years later, he wants to stay in the house on cold nights, and windy days, but would rather be on the prowl on warm nights,  he is spoiled. He gets the scraps off the roasted chickens, he always seems to know when that is. He knows when my husband is about to come home, and is very sensitive to when we are not feeling well. He is a beautiful cat, so sorry to who lost him, but he actually didnt look very well when he found us, but now he is awesome. And on a cold windy day like today  he didn't waste anytime snuggling in for his ALL day nap.
Stay Warm Everyone..