Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentines Day!!
Its sunny and 70 in So. Cal, today. PERFECT. Im taking advantage of having all my windows wide open , Air out the Winter gloom.  It may not last long , and Ill have to close up all the windows again.
My youngest wanted to make valentine cookies,,yes, he is 10 and still wants mom to do stuff with him, I know that the preteens will hit soon, and he wont want anything to do with me until he is 24  :(  so I suck up all of it, as much of it he wants to give me until then. He wants to be a chef, but is the pickiest eater ever. I told him he needs to at least try everything, and as you get older your tastes change and you may like even more, but at least give everything a chance especially if your going to be a chef, How will you know if it tastes good if you wont even eat it. He loves cookies though, so maybe he can be a pastry chef.  I know that will change too. My middle guy wanted to be a Paleontoligist for as long as I can remember, but now at 18 and getting ready to go to college, he wants to write and produce music for Movies . BIG DIFFERENCE.
So , again, I hope everyone has time to Hug your kids today, and have a beautiful and safe Valentines Day