Saturday, June 22, 2013


Ok, now I know Ive been busy , but I guess time has certainly gotten away from me. It has been 3 years since i have posted on here?  Too much to mention, to much to try to get anyone that is interested in getting caught up on.

First of all, I still love the pink and white shabby chic, If it werent for growing boys I would have adorned my home with all the shabby I could. But the older they have gotten, it just seems that it has been shoved aside , to footballs, video games and dirty shoes .

To be totally honest, I stopped making the pretty pink things and selling my wares on ebay because of some not so nice sellers that I wont mention their names in any way. I just dont feel that my time is worth their obsessions with causing me stress.Please dont get me wrong, there are MANY wonderful and inspiring Shabby Chic artists that still inspire me, and are lovely through and through.(Just a few that arent, actually dont know if they are even around anymore ,,but WHATEVER..right?

 So , with the advice of my youngest Niece, I began a journey in a completely different direction. I will always hold the pink and white shabby chic close to my heart , but business and supporting my family is more important. So times have been a changing...

I will post a view of my obsessions? I guess you can call it that, but also my new love of sewing. Not sure how much Ill keep my blog up to date, It depends on you.  If I find an interest, Ill be here. When I can.
I now make My Little Pony Plushies , all custom, either the originals , or what the Bronies call OC's.(their own designs) These are just a few of my recent ponies, I have made MANY others.  I love them, Everyone of them make me smile.
                                      MADE WITH LOVE AND SHIPPED WITH A HUG