Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Started my new collection of Doll Clothes this week called "FRilly Dolly Frocks"?, and there just happens to be some with PINK, so that is what I will show you for my favorite time of the week "PINK SATURDAY"

I was inspired to make clothes for these cutie dolls when I was invited to a "Tea" at the American Girl Restaurant. I instantly feel in love with the dolls. Took me a little while to get one, but here she is, Isnt she the cutest? Made up a pattern for a dress, and started cranking them out, If they dont sell , my doll will have a nice new wardrobe, but other than that, my little 5 year old cousin will be getting a new wardrobe for her Dolly just for being an inspiration for me. I love sending her a surprise packages.

Come by my ebay and see other pretty dresses I have to offer.

For thos that love updates on our little Frank, Well he has been into his normal mishief, he is getting too big to get into places he use to hide, and he runs so much he just passes out where ever.
This is what I found him doing yesterday,. and it has pink in it :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Lazy Summer "Pink Saturday".
Stay Safe