Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday..

WOW!! I have been so busy, I cant believe how long it has been since I posted last. YIKES..
Busy with my shop,  my new designs for 2010 Christmas Stockings.
The weather has been crazy, it is cold , then warm then it has rained like crazy, and now today it is 85 and tomorrow it is suppose to rain. So painting all my junkin finds has been a huge task. I just finished painting a table black, first time with the black, IT looks amazing. My customer is going to LOVE it, I wish I had taken a before pic. I found it in the trash too, glass top, everything intact. LOVE THAT. Dont you ?

By the way.,,.HAPPY PINK SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had so many inquiries and comments about our Little Frank.  Yes he is a blessing, and a HANDFUL. Today officially marks the day that he is an outdoor cat. With access to the garage at night. He has broken so many things , and gets into too much, He wants to be outside with nature, so he was "Booted out" after he knocked a vintage ceramic pumpkin off of a cabinet in the living room, I have no idea how he had the strength to do it, but it is now in too many pieces to fix. I really didnt want to do it, but it is time. I very worried Ill find him up in the Christmas tree this Holiday, or swinging from the garland on the fire place.  I probably wont sleep tonight worrying about him outside, but sooner than later.

Now on to my pink!!
This past summer I was working on a new design for the stockings that I love to make more than anything, I stockpile the rest of the year, gearing up for STOCKING season. And this is what I came up with. Yes, there are Elf Stocking patterns , but this one is my own with my own twist on it. I wont have as many listed as I want because I am putting them in a boutique also. I hope you have a chance to get one, If your looking for a special color, just email me and Ill make one up for you .Or just go by my Ebay shop or Etsy Shop. You wont find them anywhere else, I made sure no one was making them like it. So for now you will only be able to get them from me, but you know how that goes. It wont be long before you see them all over the place :)
These are my shabby pinks "TWINKLE TOES"

My Traditional "Twinkle Toes"tm Christmas Stockings, because its not all about pink..WHAT?????
And my
"Sassy Socks"tm

Many more to come.

I hope everyone has a BEAUTIFUL PINK SATURDAY!!
And as always, Thanks Bev for hosting this funfilled day.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Ive had a very busy week , My middle son started college, preparing our youngest for 6th grade, had to get the new backpack :)    ,  I have been completing some paint projects, just in time for a crazy summer flash flood type rainfall. WHEW!!! And Im not kidding about JUST IN TIME,, There were just a few clouds in the sky,,Very very hot when my boys brought my cabinet into the house, then about an hour later, this is what happened..It rained like this for about 30 minutes. This was MUCH needed, it washed away all the ash and soot that landed on all the homes from the huge fire 3 weeks ago, AH,,all clean. .

And then there is "Frank the Cinnamon Cat" , He loves this pink bowl, cracks me up. We did our responsible duty of neutering our cat, we hoped it would calm him down a bit, but he is still the trouble maker, into mischief, running around the house like he is crazy. Jumps in the Dryer while I'm folding clothes, gets in the shower when we take showers. lays next to my sewing machine.And he loves Hair bands, scrunchies, He finds the ones I lost, and chases them around the house, Scrunch paper into a ball and he will chase it and bring it back. Chases our black lab, I guess he thinks he is a dog too.

For those that have seen Frank grow up over the past 3 months, you can see how much he has grown. Doesn't fit in the bowl, but he sure tries. No matter what he does, HE MAKES US SMILE EVERYDAY.  :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Pink Saturday. Stay Safe 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Started my new collection of Doll Clothes this week called "FRilly Dolly Frocks"?, and there just happens to be some with PINK, so that is what I will show you for my favorite time of the week "PINK SATURDAY"

I was inspired to make clothes for these cutie dolls when I was invited to a "Tea" at the American Girl Restaurant. I instantly feel in love with the dolls. Took me a little while to get one, but here she is, Isnt she the cutest? Made up a pattern for a dress, and started cranking them out, If they dont sell , my doll will have a nice new wardrobe, but other than that, my little 5 year old cousin will be getting a new wardrobe for her Dolly just for being an inspiration for me. I love sending her a surprise packages.

Come by my ebay and see other pretty dresses I have to offer.

For thos that love updates on our little Frank, Well he has been into his normal mishief, he is getting too big to get into places he use to hide, and he runs so much he just passes out where ever.
This is what I found him doing yesterday,. and it has pink in it :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Lazy Summer "Pink Saturday".
Stay Safe

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Get your Family Heirloom Now Before the Holidays

Are you looking for that perfect gift for a family member, a friend, A baby shower gift with pictures of mom and dad as babies, a Bridal/Wedding Gift with the bride and groom growing up or when they were dating? No matter what you choose it is sure to turn into a family heirloom. I have been making stockings with the same pattern for over 25 years, and the Memory Stockings for 4 years on EBay and other venues over the years. Photos printed on 100% cotton Fabric, NOT IRON ON.. These will not crack.

       $70.00- includes priority mail

Here's what I need:
1-up to 5 pictures emailed to me, No mailing, I don't want to be responsible for losing your valuable memories. They must be clear , and the bigger the better. I can either keep them the original color, or change them to antique ( I prefer the antique look) but its your heirloom.

2- Pick what color , Traditional reds and greens, shabby chic pinks, blues , purple, greens. Print is up to me, and I will do my best to work with you so your stocking is perfect. Look at a sample of the stockings I have made in the past.

3- please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery, the closer it gets to the holidays, the busier I get. I hope you have a chance to get one :)

4-You can Have one name embroidered on the front, or nothing at all.

All of my stockings are made with the best fabrics, and lined with a premium quilters fleece for durability. They are made like a scrap quilt and then top stitched throughout. then the inside is lined with a coordinating fabric, they are approx 18" from top to toe, and a jingle bell tied to the toe

I have made individual stockings for each child with their photos from baby to current , Family with the whole family. Firefighters , Fishermen, Marine Biologists. Babies First Etc, There is no limit. And my only suggestion, is to include a box of Kleenex with it. :)

Not just for Christmas anymore, will look sweet hanging all year long from a chair back, cabinet knob, but most of all by your Chimney with Care.
All handmade by me , in my smoke free home
A definite one of a kind , Unique gift for any occasion

includes Priority Mail Shipping

Email me upon completion of payment

And the Winner is..........

After going through all my comments and writing down everyone that was so sweet to comment, Follow and Purchase from me,.I put all the little pieces of papers into the sweet stocking and had my little guy pull a name...

And the Winner is....

 The Quintessential Magpie

Just let me know your address Shiela, and this pretty is on its way to your home.

Thank you to all that participated it was and still is alot of fun reading all the comments.

Hope you all come back soon for another giveaway

Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

Wow this week has been crazy busy, almost didn't have time to post to my most favorite blogging day, so I'm starting early.

Not much pink , sorry about that. The week started out with a year in planning Family Reunion in Yosemite National Park , and lasted through Wednesday, It was amazing and memory making, wonderful pictures for a scrapbook, try getting everyone together for ONE picture,,,A challenge. My kids learned the faces that went with the names, many stories and LOTS of fun, Hugs and Tears.  I made Memory rocks with all the names of those that have past, and we threw them into the river after a prayer and listening to a wonderful recording of my grandad talking about his grandchildren and Yosemite, it was like he was there with us. A wonderful emotional experience.

Then after being home for one day, and working on the never ending pile of laundry, a fire broke out in the hills above our town. BURNING out of control, many being evacuated , and the smoke is horrible. We are not in danger, at least I don't think so , at least by the fire, but the smoke may chase us out until it is over.

So , the only pink I have is from the pictures of the fire and of course to remind you that today is the last day to be part of my CHRISTMAS IN JULY GIVEAWAY.

And thank you Beverly for being such an awesome hostess for our pinkie lovers. 

Hope everyone has a SAFE and Happy PINK Saturday!!
                         ~Hugs to All~ Cynthia

Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!

Alot of crazy weather around here this week, power on , power off, thunder,lightening strikes, fires, flash flood rain. So due to this I really didnt get much done this week. I wanted to show something pink, somethink new, but I havent worked on anything PINK. So I figured Id give you an update on Our Little Frank the kitten.
He actually gets into this "PINK" bowl all the time, has pushed it onto the floor in frisky kitten style, He is so crazy active, I guess its been a long time since we had a kitten in the house, Cant wait for him to get past this stage, he is very destructive too. You all know what I mean. But the worse thing, is that we have to lock him up in the bathroom at night because he jump on your head while you sleep , he likes to sleep on my neck, and that freaks me out. He is growing everyday and thinks he's boss.

That's all the pink I have this week, And all next week Ill be finishing up on my year long preparation of my family reunion, I cant wait.

This was Frank about 6 weeks ago

Thank you to Beverly for hosting my favorite Blogging day, I hope you find time to go see her too!!

I hope you all find time to become part of my Christmas in July Giveaway. 
Have a safe and Happy Pink Saturday
(HUGS) to all

Friday, July 2, 2010

Christmas in July at Cinnamonstitch ~Happy Pink Saturday~


Good Morning all you wonderful Pink Bloggy Friends! Another July has come around and many of us are busy preparing for the upcoming Christmas Holiday Season.  I have been making these stockings for my entire married life and longer, Of course , they are changed over the years to go with what was in at that time. Every Year I try to change them up a little because there are so many wonderful Stocking Makers also.
This year I started using Colorized Antique Images. Some are of these wonderful images came from my family, and some I have found at Antique stores, Thrift stores etc. Finding them at Yard sales is sad, why would anyone want to practically giveaway these treasures. I recently got access to many family pictures that dated back to my great great grandparents, some pictures from the civil war era, I immediately put names and any information I had on them, so my children and beyond will know who they are , so they are not found in a pile on someones driveway.

Photobucket I will still be using all the beautiful images and more that I have used in the past, But this year I added some of these priceless treasures, I hope you like them as much as I do. Dont forget to check out my giveaway for July. :)

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy 4th of July, and celebrate our freedom in this wonderful country we live in, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

Today Im very lucky to be part of Beverlys Pink Saturday as a feature Blogger.  I love "Pink Saturdays more than any other day. So to add some fun to  this wonderful day today, I am starting a giveaway that will run through the whole month of July in Celebration of my "Christmas in July" in my Ebay store. I will be giving away the Christmas Stocking that is in my Sidebar. How can you win this pretty? There are a few ways to enter, you will get a chance for all you become part of
1. Follow me- if you are already following me, you will be counted
2-Spread the word about my giveaway, and let me know
3-comment on this wonderful Pink Satuday :)
4-All comments left on my blog from now until July 30th will have a chance
5-and for an extra bonus, if you purchase from my ebay store, you will get 10 extra chances.

I look forward to "Christmas in July" ,  preparing most of the year for making all the holiday yummies that I sell on ebay, and my ever growing customer list .  And of course you will always find plenty of "PINK"


I also use other colors, I just got done making my first of many custom Memory stockings of the year. The orders are already coming in. I would love to make one for you Too! I have been making stockings for almost 25 years now, using the same pattern that I made so many years ago, it may be tattered but it still works :)


Pink Saturday, I know I will enjoy bouncing around the pink Bloggies today.  And as always, I want to thank Beverly for hosting this fun event every Saturday, Take a moment and go visit her ...

I hope everyone has a wonderful PINK SATURDAY, Thanks for stopping by :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Happy Pink Saturday Everyone, This week has flown by so fast, I have been so busy transforming all of my junkin goodies to Shabby Cottage Pretties, I wish I can keep them all my self, but My Family are not into the shabby chic let alone "PINK"  , But since its one of my favorite colors and style , they have to tolerate a little bit. I am  gradually sneaking in a little bit everyday :)Photobucket

Today, here are some of my transformations, I wish I had taken before pictures, these were .50 cents at a yard sale, they were filthy with dirt inside, like they had been sitting out in someone yard, I just gave them a warm bath and then painted them up, and frosted the glass, Arent they Darling? They just need some candles and they will be listed next week in my ebay store. Im calling them my "TRASH TO CASH". And here are some more of my trash to cash finds in honor of our fun "PINK SATURDAY"

Photobucket  And I want to Thank our wonderful Hostess "Beverly" For bringing this fun day for all  us Pinkies.....I hope you go visit her too.

Have a safe and Happy "Pink Saturday" and Hug Your Dads!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010



Every Friday will be my Frankly Frank Posting, It will be about his antics and adventures for the week, and believe me , he has a handful of antics .

PhotobucketYes , he is just 9 weeks old now, and very comfortable in his surroundings, he finally met the older cats in the house after his quarentine that was recommended by the vet, due to all the illnesses shelter animals pick up, but he has been left with a purr that sounds like a  baby tiger, and unfortunately a respiratory problem that he will have the rest of his life.

PhotobucketHe gets into everything , just like my 18 month old grandson , he is small enough to get under furniture that cannot be moved without a dolly, he tears up pieces of paper and spreads it throughout the house, not to mention what he does to his litter box. If it werent for the bell on his collar, we wouldnt be able to find him.

The introduction to the other cats was scary, probably more to me than him.   The oldest cat "Butch" is 17 years old, but you wouldnt know it , he just smelled him and walked away.

 Our Grey "Ash" whom adopted us many years ago, doesnt like the baby at all, his fangs came out and that scared me, He isnt a mean cat at all, but its his territory so we have to watch him. His fangs are longer than Frank is wide so who knows what damage he could do to him, he just staired at him with his big green eyes like he was going to attack him. YIKES!

In an earlier post about Frank I told you about "Bagherra", he was the cat that adopted us, and then went on a journey, we went to the shelter many times looking for him, and never found him, he was gone for exactly a month when we adopted "Frank".  Saturday night, my brother walked in the house and said he had a "SURPRISE" for me, GUESS WHAT IT WAS!?   It was "Bagherra!! he came back.. I couldnt help but cry, I was so happy to see him, I knew he was out chasing Butterflies! And got lost, but he found his way back, but we are just saying he is the visiting uncle, because who knows when he will take off on another journey.  He didnt much like Frank , he hissed and swatted at him, and frank went back for more, he keeps a little distance now but Frank likes Bagherra : )   There definitely will not be anymore cats around my house, 3 plus our visiting Uncle are more than enough. And FRANK is a handful!!

I hope you enjoy my posts about our new little Frank, And I will do my best to keep those that were interested up to date.  Have a wonderful Friday..Hope you come back tomorrow for "PINK SATURDAY"

Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Here we are again on another BEAUTIFUL PINK SATURDAY!!, one of my favorite Days of the week, thanks to sweet Beverly for hosting I hope you go visit with her and all the other sweet pinkies in the blog land on Saturday, Its really alot of fun, and so many wonderful ladies out there that love to share with you all their pretty pinks with you .

I love Pink more than any other color, but since I have 4 men,(boys) in the house its hard to do what I really want to do, so I have to sneak in pink where ever I can. This week I'm going to share a cute addition to our family. His name is "Frank".  A while back I told you about the sweet cutie that adopted us, well, like I thought, he traveled on to the next destination, but before we gave up on him , we went to the local animal shelter many times, hoping to find him, But he wasn't there, I'm just going to believe that he was chasing butterflies like he loved to do , and got disoriented, and he found some other happy family to take him in. So in honor of that sweet little guy, we  adopted Frank from the shelter, Isn't he just the cutest?!! Frank is very little, I don't think he is even 8 weeks old, we have had him for 5 days now, and he is just getting warmed up to us, We had to put a bell on him, so we could find him under furniture in the house. HE is so cute, I'm so glad we could adopt one of the shelter babies, All I can say, that is so VERY important,,PLEASE spay or neuter your animals, the shelters are FULL of these sweeties from babies to seniors, and it was so hard to walk away without taking one. They only keep them for 5 days, and you know what happens after that. :(   SPAY OR NEUTER,,, 

Frank is sitting in my newly re purposed doll high chair, I would love to sell it on eBay, but because of the size, the shipping would be gross. But we will see..Christmas is coming :)

Here is Frank in one of my PINK Bowls, He wont be able to do that pretty soon. :)  Just thought it was cute, and PINK for all you Pinkies this beautiful Saturday.

I'm very busy right now, Painting, sewing , re purposing, and JUNKIN. Hope you come by again and don't forget to follow Me, Ill be sure to come by and see as many as I can over the weekend.
  *******Have a Safe and Happy "PINK SATURDAY"!********

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wanda's New Shoes~Happy Pink Saturday!!

This is the official first day of Summer for my Middle son, But my little guy had to drag himself out of bed this morning and go to school , After a Long weekend in my favorite place in the WHOLE world Yosemite National Park. If  we could live there I would pick up everything and move today.  I dont care how many people are visiting this Jewel in California, I would love it anyway.  On our way up to my little piece of paradise, Our sweet little Trailer "Wanda",(yes, we name our vehicles) decided to kick off one of her shoes, so we sat on the side of the road until AAA came along and helped change out her shoe with a very ugly spare. I thought the hubby bought our sweet little Wanda all new shoes before this trip, but you know men, AH we can get one more trip out of them..NOT!! So off we went to the closest Trailer Shoe store and bought our sweet home away from home some new shoes..2 hours later, we were on our way with Wanda smiling behind us , showing off her new pretties :)  , Finally we arrived at the cute little towns outside the park, I love these little towns, this time though I noticed MANY little thrift stores, OH lets stop PLEASE!! Nope ,no where to park , too big.  I begged my hubby to just drop me off for a few minutes and circle around for a gas station , NOPE!! He didnt want to drive up that mountain in the dark if we could avoid it. I was so mad, but understood. These towns know that the majority of their sales go to us crazy thrift store fanatics, they should have ample parking :)  All I know is that I had room in Wanda for all kinds of fun stuff if only they had a spot just for her.  After all that, we still ended up going up that mountain and down into the valley in the Dark, snow still on the sides of the road, and PITCH BLACK outside. Did I say "SCARY"!!.  It was freezing the next morning, but so so beautiful, The water was high, the falls were full. Did I already tell you that I LOVE THIS PLACE.  We enjoyed our short trip with our little guy, the first time going on a camping trip without his siblings, I know it was hard for him, because all we wanted to do was kick it, rest under the beautiful trees, and he wanted to explore, and drive us crazy, so there was alot of compromising, I guess we all have alot of changes to get use too.  I am planning a family reunion in July at all of our favorite beautiful Jewel in California, all his sibling will be there, plus many , many , MANY cousins that are his age, It will be a wonderful Experience for him.
I hope all of you had a wonderful and safe Memorial
~Blessing to all, and dont forget to Follow me~

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Two Years ago, our wonderful Host BEVERLY started up PINK SATURDAY for us Pink Bloggers, and it has been so much fun . Every week I look forward to skipping around Pink Blog land getting to know so many wonderful people. Many have become wonderful friends. In celebration of this wonderful PINK holiday for the PINK bloggies, I am throwing a party. With all the pinkness I could find, I hope you all join me by visiting our wonderful Host "Beverly"  and wishing her a fun Pink Celebration and thanking her for hosting one of my favorite blogging days

So come on in and sit down and have a piece of wonderful Pink Cake, under the blingie pinkie chandelier
and enjoy all the wonderful ladies who participate in this fun blog. I wish I could be with you Beverly when you open your gift, but Ill be in Yosemite National Park with my family for a short holiday. So since I wont have Internet access, I wont be able to enjoy all your lovely posts until I get back on Monday, but I so look forward to your sweet Pink Comments.

I'm writing this early because the rest of my week is so full of wonderful Family Celebrations, my Sweet Joey is graduating from High School on Thursday afternoon, We are so very proud of him. He has had a wonderful Senior Year.
He Earned his Rank of Eagle in Boy Scouts, went to the prom, Won at his High School Talent Show,
Donated Blood Regularly to the Red Cross, Turned 18, won a small scholarship for his Community Service,and now Graduation. And its just the beginning.

All our Love and Blessings for our Little Joey
Congratulations Snack Shack!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Pink Saturday, and Again, Happy 2nd Year Celebration for Beverly.
Stay safe Everyone, and send all your prayers to our Soldiers Overseas for their safe return .
Happy Memorial Day!!