Friday, May 7, 2010

5 Best Friends~ Happy Pink Saturday!!

Happy Pink Saturday Ladies, and Happy Mothers Day!! It has been a wonderful week for reconnecting with family and friends.

This weekend I heard from one of my childhood BEST friends, and it started me thinking of how many friends I have had over the years that I can honestly say were and will always be my BEST friends.  I can count them on one hand, five best friends, all for different times in my life, and probably what helped mold me into who I am today. Other than family, these 5 friends had huge impacts on me, enough for me to remember each one of them with love in my heart, that love that will always be there , no matter what happens.

My first one, is Beth, I met her in Elementary School, both of our moms became best friends too, we did everything together, then Jr high came, and she had to go to a different one then me, I was beyond defastation, My best friend not going with me to Jr High?? I have to go alone? Even though we were separated we stayed connected for a long time, but soon that communication grew more and more apart, and then Poof she was gone. I had another Elementary School friend too, that would hang around with Beth and I, werent as close, but later on in my life she pops back in.

Then Junior High, had alot of new friends, more of a gang of friends now, but one stood out more than the rest, Lori. We did everything together, just like Beth and I use to do. Talked about everything, EVERYTHING. Did everything together, BEST FRIENDS. I cant even remember everything we did, but I would say that she had the biggest impact in my life. High School came along , cool, Im not going to loose my friends, My best friend was going to the same school. Into the year, she told me that her family was moving,,Oh wow, that was like a ton of bricks hitting me, Im going to loose my BEST Friend, the friend that we told secrets too, shared our stories, talked on the phone for hours, went everywhere together. Now what !!
She moved away, we kept in touch for a while she came to see me, a few letters were exchanged and then POOF she was gone. What happened to my BEST FRIEND?!  I had many other friends but not that special one, Then along came Wendi, she was the other friend from Elementary School. She was another one of those friends that I lost due to school boundaries , we lived on opposite sides of the line, but when we all went to High School, the boundaries changed and we all ended up in the same High School, Except Beth, she had moved and was out of those boundaries still. :(
So, there was Wendi, she became one of those priceless friends in my life, Now that is 3. Older now, different time in our lives, HIGH SCHOOL the senior year. She played a huge roll in molding me into who I am today. We had so much fun, we did everything together, school, and worked together. Graduated from High School, then we sort of parted ways, not in a bad way, but new adventures.  Then there was Kris, just like the rest of those special friends , we were inseparable, more grown up , worked together, did everything together, during this time I met my last best friend, My hubby. Kris and I , and my future hubby did alot together, a friendship that carried on for a few years, a friendship that I will cherish the rest of my life, We shared everything, We both got married, she was there when my first son was born, then poof, she was gone. My hubby was and still is my best friend to this day, I have had and still have many amazing friends in my life, but I guess there is only room for ONE true Best Friend.
Many years have passed and I always wonder how the other 4 of my Best friends are . I found Beth a couple years ago on My Space, we have stayed connected since,  Wendi has always been around, I always have known where she is, special moments in her life, I know about, we have connected and will always stay connected. Kris, well I know where she is, but the connection is weak, Im sad about that, but she must have her reasons, but she will always be in my heart. Lori, now she is one of those Best Friends that had the BIGGEST impact on my life, other than my Hubby.  I have been looking for her for 30 years, I know , 30 years, How can that be if she was such a good friend. Well, we all grow apart in some way, and find our own paths, life gets busy. I honestly have been looking for her for many years, computers are great for researching and finding people, but I could never find anything. Then something wonderful happened..The wonders of FACEBOOK..She found me! I cant tell you how I felt when I saw her invite pop up in my email. There are no words to describe it. I just started to cry, thats all I could do, My best friend found me. What a wonderful Feeling..PRICELESS!!
We spent hours chatting, and Im sure there will be many more hours spent , talking about our lives. I know I am truely Blessed to have had these people in my life, and now to keep them all there, Im not going to let any of them POOF!! ever again.  Thank you for being who you are, and inspiring me throughout my life!
Beth, Lori, Wendi, Kris and my Hubby, You are and will always be part of my heart.

This may have been a little boring for those that dont know me, but I wrote this mainly for my 5 friends, and for every friend Ive ever had , have and will have. You all inspire me, Only good thoughts , love and blessings :)

And a little bit of Pink for our Pink Saturday, Well ,,Light Lavender, want to share my favorite color rose in my garden, I love all roses, but today its this one :)  , Im not good with the names of the roses, I just know its beautiful, and then I want to share the pretty California Poppies that pop up everywhere in the Antelope Valley of Southern California, I just love when they pop up in my yard and I didnt plant it, what is really neat, this one showed up in an empty pot and today it bloomed, I have more throughout my yard and when I first moved her 20 years ago, I thought they were weeds before they bloomed, and I would pull them out, I KNOW!! can you believe that?! Now I make sure my kids know to leave them alone, they are my Favorite for sure.

Thank you Beverly for hosting this weeks Pink Saturday , As always , its so much fun to visit everyone, this week I would like to introduce those that dont already know the lovely Rebecca from "a Gathering of Thoughts", Her blog is always so lovely, always Inspirational to me, and I know you will really enjoy her and her blog

Hug your mom this weekend. LOVE YOU MOMMA!!

Happy Mothers day Everyone...