Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Here we are again on another BEAUTIFUL PINK SATURDAY!!, one of my favorite Days of the week, thanks to sweet Beverly for hosting I hope you go visit with her and all the other sweet pinkies in the blog land on Saturday, Its really alot of fun, and so many wonderful ladies out there that love to share with you all their pretty pinks with you .

I love Pink more than any other color, but since I have 4 men,(boys) in the house its hard to do what I really want to do, so I have to sneak in pink where ever I can. This week I'm going to share a cute addition to our family. His name is "Frank".  A while back I told you about the sweet cutie that adopted us, well, like I thought, he traveled on to the next destination, but before we gave up on him , we went to the local animal shelter many times, hoping to find him, But he wasn't there, I'm just going to believe that he was chasing butterflies like he loved to do , and got disoriented, and he found some other happy family to take him in. So in honor of that sweet little guy, we  adopted Frank from the shelter, Isn't he just the cutest?!! Frank is very little, I don't think he is even 8 weeks old, we have had him for 5 days now, and he is just getting warmed up to us, We had to put a bell on him, so we could find him under furniture in the house. HE is so cute, I'm so glad we could adopt one of the shelter babies, All I can say, that is so VERY important,,PLEASE spay or neuter your animals, the shelters are FULL of these sweeties from babies to seniors, and it was so hard to walk away without taking one. They only keep them for 5 days, and you know what happens after that. :(   SPAY OR NEUTER,,, 

Frank is sitting in my newly re purposed doll high chair, I would love to sell it on eBay, but because of the size, the shipping would be gross. But we will see..Christmas is coming :)

Here is Frank in one of my PINK Bowls, He wont be able to do that pretty soon. :)  Just thought it was cute, and PINK for all you Pinkies this beautiful Saturday.

I'm very busy right now, Painting, sewing , re purposing, and JUNKIN. Hope you come by again and don't forget to follow Me, Ill be sure to come by and see as many as I can over the weekend.
  *******Have a Safe and Happy "PINK SATURDAY"!********