Friday, August 27, 2010


Ive had a very busy week , My middle son started college, preparing our youngest for 6th grade, had to get the new backpack :)    ,  I have been completing some paint projects, just in time for a crazy summer flash flood type rainfall. WHEW!!! And Im not kidding about JUST IN TIME,, There were just a few clouds in the sky,,Very very hot when my boys brought my cabinet into the house, then about an hour later, this is what happened..It rained like this for about 30 minutes. This was MUCH needed, it washed away all the ash and soot that landed on all the homes from the huge fire 3 weeks ago, AH,,all clean. .

And then there is "Frank the Cinnamon Cat" , He loves this pink bowl, cracks me up. We did our responsible duty of neutering our cat, we hoped it would calm him down a bit, but he is still the trouble maker, into mischief, running around the house like he is crazy. Jumps in the Dryer while I'm folding clothes, gets in the shower when we take showers. lays next to my sewing machine.And he loves Hair bands, scrunchies, He finds the ones I lost, and chases them around the house, Scrunch paper into a ball and he will chase it and bring it back. Chases our black lab, I guess he thinks he is a dog too.

For those that have seen Frank grow up over the past 3 months, you can see how much he has grown. Doesn't fit in the bowl, but he sure tries. No matter what he does, HE MAKES US SMILE EVERYDAY.  :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Pink Saturday. Stay Safe