Friday, November 27, 2009


Ok , this is just crazy, Do you all feel like Christmas snuck up on us too fast?? I just dont know what the deal is this year. Time is flying, I know I keep saying that, but its true. How many of you got up early to fight the crowds? Not Me, I just couldnt get up, and I really didnt want to get out in the middle of all the people that wanted to share their Cold, flu etc. There isnt anything out there that I cant wait until it calms down to get. The same deals will be there next week. So instead I decided to pull out all my Christmas stuff.  Wow , it amazes me every year how much STUFF we accumalate year after year. 
   This year Im going to share a pretty easy craft, that is a great way to display a bunch of those old ornaments, either from being passed down, or part of that large accumalation over the years, that wont fit on your CHRISTMAS TREE. Yes, I sad CHRISTMAS Tree, not a holiday tree, where did that come from anyway. If Im offending anyone by talking about CHRISTMAS or  a CHRISTMAS TREE,, TOO BAD!! Im offended that it is being called a holiday tree. That said, Here is something fun for your charished CHRISTMAS ornaments.

 First, get your ornaments together that you want to use, then you have to hot melt glue the tops on, make sure you put a gob of glue in the topper so the little loopy wire doesnt slip out once its attached to your wreath, get some floral wire, wire clippers, some ribbon, and a faux pine branch wreath. Then wrap your ribbon around your wreath, make a big bow, you can buy the bows already made too. Then use your floral wire, run it through the top of the ornament, and attach it to your wreath, You can put on as many as you want, The more the merrier, Its an easy Heirloom, And Im sure you will get many compliments.  I decided to make one, when I was in one of the local craft stores and saw how much one of those mass produced UGLY wreaths cost. HANDMADE is always better, The wreath was very reasonable, and I had most of the other supplies. You can even use new ornaments, or start collecting them from Thrift stores, garage Sales and the huge after Christmas sales . Great gifts for your family and friends too. But mostly A wonderful way to display your Unused Ornaments. Another great display is to get a large jar, and put your ornament in that,Add a string of lights that are battery operated and you have a beautiful Center piece. Alot of you probably have some clear glass flower vases laying around, fill them with your bulbs,,and place them throughout the house,,so pretty. So many ideas , so many uses. OH I can just go on and on, I just Love A HANDMADE CHRISTMAS. If Your not the crafty type, I will be selling them on Ebay in a couple days, but they will be with all new ornaments, If you dont want to wait, just send me a message and I can set up a special auction for you.

(didnt have anything pink today, but I hope you enjoy it anyway)