Friday, December 11, 2009

~Happy Pink Saturday~

This week we were asked to tell you about our favorite Christmas Decoration by our wonderful  hostess Beverly.

Many years ago, I was very much into Ceramics, I made so many things, I just loved it. But the best thing about it was spending time with my Mom.  I was a new mom and commuting an hour or more to work everyday with my first little guy . It was so exhausting that I started staying with my parents once a week just so I could get some much needed sleep, They lived less than 5 minutes from my job. My hubby communted in the opposite direction , so we didnt see much of each other until the weekends.  On that one night after work my mom and I would go to a ceramic class, while grandpa watched my little guy.  I soaked up that class as much as I could. This went on for about 5 years.  During that time I graduated to making ceramic dolls, animals with cloth doll bodies,etc.  My teacher always challenged me, because she just wanted to see what I would do with it. One of my challenges was Santa claus. I couldnt wait to get started. pouring, cleaning,painting , firing,(praying it didnt break in firing) , glaze and one more firing. Oh ,,he made it. Then she gave me a pattern to make a cloth body. Then i started on the MRS. , She made it through all the firings too. NOW what...I had to make clothes???!! Yikes..

After a couple weeks of deciding on how I was going to clothe my treasures, I dug out my sons first christmas outfit, a little santa jammie with a hat. It fit perfect, only adjustment, cutting off the feet and altering the hat to fit the little santa head,  The dress for the Mrs!! No problem. Alot of love went into this sweet little couple, and I found a use for my #1 son's outfit. Mrs claus is wearing a locket with his picture in it, wearing that outfit. The little mouse was made by my mom at the same time. Every Year They are the first things unpacked, Always praying that they didnt get damaged putting them away every year, Always brings a smile to my face as I carefully remove them from their yearly naps. Always sad to see them tucked away for another year.
Thank you for coming by and sharing with me, I hope you all have a safe and Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday

This week we were asked by Our favorite Host~BEVERLY~ to tell a story about our favorite Childhood Memories during Christmas.. I have so many sweet memories, I would never have enough room., so Im going to keep it short and sweet :)

Making Holiday Gingerbread Cookies with my mom, Making the annual Pinata for Christmas Eve, My Dad putting up his Train around the tree, which he still does, even with us all grown up, the pic of him is from last year, isnt he adorable,,like a little kid, Celebrating Christmas Eve with my WHOLE family. Watching my dear sweet uncle Mike who never ate anything sweet, sneaking Christmas Cookies :), and one of the many special memories of my grandparents arriving on Christmas Eve, Granddad holding us tight and looking us straight in the eye, with his beautiful BLue eyes, and commenting with his heavy british accent how much we have grown. Oh, I can hear, feel and smell him right now. Need to get a tissue now.

I hope everyone cherishes all their special memories, and make new ones .
Have a safe and Happy Pink Saturday.
~Hugs to all

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Made My Day..I just have to share

Any of you that sell on ebay, especially all you talented artistic crafters. Its a challenge everyday to make sure your making something unique, and not to step on anyones toes. I have worked hard to build my name , one customer at a time, and my goal with everything I make, is to make the person happy that spends their hard earned money on my one of a kind originals. There is always that one person that just wants to knock you down, not my customers, but another fellow seller. I just dont understand the reasoning. Maybe they are unhappy in their life, I just dont know. But this actually just makes me stronger, and more creativity comes out of me. I love to share my ideas, if anyone asks for something, or how to do something, I would love to spread it around. And that is the same love I get from many other fellow sellers, but there is always one sour grape in the bunch.  So in closing, I hope I didnt offend anyone from saying what I just said.  I love doing what I do, and my heart warms when I can help, and when I needed it the most, I recieved this wonderful note from one of my customers. It makes it all worth it.  God Bless all of you with the talent to create from your heart, and the heart to share it with everyone.

Dear cinnamonstitch,

Gcod Evening, As a first time grandmother I was looking for something so special for my 5 week old granddaughter for Christmas and for every Christmas that we share with her. I searched Ebay for all stockings that were available and then sent them to my watch this item. Of course I had to ask Grandpa (who has spectacular taste) which one he liked. And he choose yours (the same one I liked). When we received this stocking it was more then we could ever imagine. It took our breath is so beautiful and so perfect for our little granddaughter...just like her, we cannot thank you enough for this beautiful must have had her in mind when you created it. I just wish I had this space to share with the Ebay community. Also the extra gifts I love. You know whose gifts they will go on. Thank you so much I didn't think we would be able to find the perfect stocking for our perfect little girl. Pam

- marku2u2 Answer the question

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I just introduced a new item to my Cinnamonstitch Originals. I call them DOOR CANDY , BECAUSE ITS LIKE CANDY HANGING FROM YOUR DOOR, CHAIR,BEDPOST, ETC.I hope you take the time to check them out. I would be more than happy to tell you how to make them , or where you can get the cute images. If you find them anywhere else, they are not Originals, so I hope you find your way back to Cinnamonstitch.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Ok , this is just crazy, Do you all feel like Christmas snuck up on us too fast?? I just dont know what the deal is this year. Time is flying, I know I keep saying that, but its true. How many of you got up early to fight the crowds? Not Me, I just couldnt get up, and I really didnt want to get out in the middle of all the people that wanted to share their Cold, flu etc. There isnt anything out there that I cant wait until it calms down to get. The same deals will be there next week. So instead I decided to pull out all my Christmas stuff.  Wow , it amazes me every year how much STUFF we accumalate year after year. 
   This year Im going to share a pretty easy craft, that is a great way to display a bunch of those old ornaments, either from being passed down, or part of that large accumalation over the years, that wont fit on your CHRISTMAS TREE. Yes, I sad CHRISTMAS Tree, not a holiday tree, where did that come from anyway. If Im offending anyone by talking about CHRISTMAS or  a CHRISTMAS TREE,, TOO BAD!! Im offended that it is being called a holiday tree. That said, Here is something fun for your charished CHRISTMAS ornaments.

 First, get your ornaments together that you want to use, then you have to hot melt glue the tops on, make sure you put a gob of glue in the topper so the little loopy wire doesnt slip out once its attached to your wreath, get some floral wire, wire clippers, some ribbon, and a faux pine branch wreath. Then wrap your ribbon around your wreath, make a big bow, you can buy the bows already made too. Then use your floral wire, run it through the top of the ornament, and attach it to your wreath, You can put on as many as you want, The more the merrier, Its an easy Heirloom, And Im sure you will get many compliments.  I decided to make one, when I was in one of the local craft stores and saw how much one of those mass produced UGLY wreaths cost. HANDMADE is always better, The wreath was very reasonable, and I had most of the other supplies. You can even use new ornaments, or start collecting them from Thrift stores, garage Sales and the huge after Christmas sales . Great gifts for your family and friends too. But mostly A wonderful way to display your Unused Ornaments. Another great display is to get a large jar, and put your ornament in that,Add a string of lights that are battery operated and you have a beautiful Center piece. Alot of you probably have some clear glass flower vases laying around, fill them with your bulbs,,and place them throughout the house,,so pretty. So many ideas , so many uses. OH I can just go on and on, I just Love A HANDMADE CHRISTMAS. If Your not the crafty type, I will be selling them on Ebay in a couple days, but they will be with all new ornaments, If you dont want to wait, just send me a message and I can set up a special auction for you.

(didnt have anything pink today, but I hope you enjoy it anyway)

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Thanksgiving??? WOW, Im going to start getting ready for my summer vacation, it will be here in a flash, and that is going to be a big one, planning a family reunion.

Well this week like every other week in the past months have flown by so fast, I normally have my blog ready for Saturday. Now its getting out of control.

So for all of you that are like me, heres a little gift to help you get ready with some of those "Christmas Projects", Isnt he just the cutest. I love these vintage images. I hope you find something fun to make with this one

So Im just going to say "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" and blesssing to all , a prayer for our soldiers that are spending the holidays away from their families. Stay safe Everyone.
HUGS All around~~

Monday, November 16, 2009

Michaels Photo Entry - Customized Personalized Christmas Stocking

Michaels Photo Entry - Customized Personalized Christmas Stocking

Just click on the link above that says MICHAELS PHOTO ENTRY, it will take you directly to my Entry, Click on the 5th snowman..
THank you

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday

It is NOVEMBER 14th!!! Wasnt it just Halloween??? Oh I just dont have enough time to get my list complete. This year has flown by so fast, seems faster every year. Why take down the Christmas Lights, We are just going to have to put them right back up :)

This week Im going to share some personal information with all of you , with hopes that it helps just one person. I have been going through a rough 2 years, dealing with my Perimenopause. I have Hypothyroidism with Hashimotos Disease too. So imagine what my hormones are doing.. Last year I THOUGHT I was getting the proper help, but after MANY months of  reverting back to the same, Fatigue, heart palpatation, anxiety, to the point of not being able to do ANYTHING, I knew the treatment I was getting was not right for me. Due to insurance changing , I had to go to a different doctor , which the anticipation of having to pretty much start over explaining all my symptoms made me sick. So, Monday I went to my new doctor, WOW...I have never seen a doctor spend that much time with me, She wrote everything, pretty much mapped out my life for the past 2 years on her desk calendar. She reviewed the medication I have been on, and almost went through the roof when she found that I was prescribed a Hormone patch for my Estrogen levels..I was not a candidate for this since I still have my uterus, it can cause cancer and it was just making my symptoms worse, well I had stopped using it on my own several months ago, because I felt it was causing me to have 3 week long Excessive Periods , for 2 months in a row, and my doctor said it was NORMAL...How can bleeding so much be normal??!!  Still dealing with the excessive fatigue pretty much debilitating some days, into weeks. I THINK i found my angel in a doctor, She changed my meds, I am in the middle of every blood test, EKG, Stress Test, Ultrasound to make sure it isnt anything else. She pretty much said what my mom has been telling me. My hormones are fighting with each other, and they need to learn to get along :)  Today, after 5 days on new medication, I feel GREAT. Now dont get me wrong, I know this can change overnight, But today I feel great. Only we can tell when something is wrong, most doctors dont have the time to listen , until you start screaming, or being your own advocate. Write everything down, everyday, what you did, what you ate, what your feel, etc. see if there is a pattern. And find a doctor that will listen. If in doubt , get another opinion.  I hope this wasnt too much information for some of you, I only wish to help. I know IM not the only one out there with similiar problems. Sometimes is good to know that you arent the only one, and we can help each other through it. Getting old sucks, and im not ready to feel old. I have too much to do, especially what I love.

Today for the Pink, I am painting with pink paint. Ill show you when they are complete, but here is my Pink christmas Tree made with over a hundred of my ribbon roses.
And I want to thank Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday, I so much love participating, I love looking at everyones blogs, and meeting all the nice people on here.
Hope everyone has a safe and happy Weekend

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Is it Saturday already?!! I just dont know where the week goes lately. Wasnt it just Halloween a WEEK AGO?? Wow I need time to slow down , its going by too fast.

I guess its that time of the year to start our Holiday Shopping, I am definitely not ready for that. The crowds in the stores,,YUK!  I am going to really try to be prepared this year by starting early. Many of my friends decided this year, we are going to only give Handmade gifts to each other, this way its really from the heart. NO mass produced chauckie (Not sure about the spelling on that :) ) that will sit and collect dust, I definetly do not want any dust collectors. I love getting handmade anyway. So its a great idea.  Some make scarves, purses, homemade soup, cookies, a photo album, a framed picture of their Dog, you name it, wouldnt that be awesome to get? So Im promoting HANDMADE this year, since that is what I do, and love it.  When you just dont know what to get that special person, buy handmade, they are usually one of a kind items that you cant find in a store, you know its made with love, and someones precious time. 
I have sold my handmade pretties on ebay for many years, and usually by christmas I am so burnt out, I dont have the energy to make items for the ones I love, I hear it every year, I would love to have that pillow, or stocking  or a pair of pink jammies etc. So I've already started my list and gradually will make something special for my family too.
     So to celebrate Pink Saturday, Im going to start by showing you one of my Christmas stockings, I love the pink, I love making many items with pink, but I do sway away from pink at times so I hope you watch. But this sweetie of a stocking is for today.  I would also like to tell you about other sellers I have met on ebay, etsy, and Lollishops. There are so many talented artists that make the sweetest handmade goodies, I hope you have a chance to check them out this holiday season.  I hope you all decide to give Handmade, if not from me, from another artist that will make it, and send it to you with love, and you dont even have to fight the crowds  :)
I would also like to thank Bev for hosting Pink Saturday, I love meeting all you wonderful people.
Have a Safe Weekend
HUGS to all~~

Friday, November 6, 2009

Custom Personalized KEEPSAKE Christmas Stocking

Its that time of the year around here, and thanks to my Sister-in-Love and my cutie niece ,they are out peddling my Custom Stockings. Since I am offering them in so many places I figured I better make it easier to find them, I hope this helps.

I have been selling these for over 3 years now, with the keepsake images on them, they are images that I print onto cotton fabric, not the iron on, these will not crack. They are definitely a Treasured Heirloom, and I hope you pack a Hankie along with it, from my experience they cause the water to flow from the eyes :).

I have made Family, grandchildren, children, Pets, First Christmas together, Baby's First Christmas. Individual family members with photos from baby to adult.  As long as you can email me the photo, I can print MOST photos.

The stockings are made like a scrap quilt, and machine topstitched throughout. Lined with quilters fleece for long lasting durability and a cooridinating fabric on the inside, a detachable bow and a big jingle bell tied to the toe, Measures Approx 18" from top to toe. Everyone is different , a one of a kind Treasured Heirloom.
I hope you have a chance to get one.
If your interested in one,, just click on the link
Hope you all have a safe and Happy Holiday season

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy November

Another Halloween is over, all the decorations are put away, and the Thanksgiving Turkeys are on display. My Halloween was busy,busy. Started out the morning painting a bunch of old furniture white, Prime, then was so nice outside , My sister and I decided to pull it all out on her driveway to work on it,,Being a Saturday Morning, we had the usual lookie lous, thinking we were having a yard sale, Obviously with all the paint, tarps and furniture partly primed and doors removed, we werent having a sale. But they still stopped to see what we were doing. We could have done a better job, I must admit, but the furniture it for our little shop we are attempting to get up and running in the next two weeks, and they will be used only for display cases, table etc. They are truely SHABBY CHIC. Most of the furniture we have picked up at garage sales for nickles and dimes, The primer and Paint was the biggest expense. A few pictures of the before on some, and Ill keep you all updated on the completion.

  Then the kids were getting antsy to go out trick or treating, all dressed up, off they went. I stayed behind with my grandbaby , he had an ear infection so it wasnt wise to take him out in the cold air, but grandma couldnt resist giving him a sucker, Oh My,,,that was the best candy EVER.  He made such a mess with that little sucker.

Not too many goblins this year, I didnt even buy that much candy, and still had alot left. Bagged it up , put it in the freezer, out of my eye site. Thats all I need. Im sure the kids will find it in the garage freezer soon enough.
I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween, and a beautiful start to your November.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday~


WOW, this week flew by, With a visit to the pumpkin patch with ALL my boys, I cant believe they all wanted to go, I cherish these moments so much, My youngest still likes to go, plus now I have a grandson that was more interested in the bark than the pumpkins, then we have pumpkins to be carved and costumes to put together, and too much candy in the house already. Im exhausted!!
My kids are getting too old for mom to make their costumes , I would make them if they wanted me to, but with all boys, they have a mind of their own. My oldest now has his own son, so my sweet daughter in law had the pleasure of dressing him, Of course I wanted to do it, but I guess I have to step back. I have always made my kids costumes, never store bought. I always wanted them to be unique. But they have outgrown mom. This year my #2 son just couldnt decide if he wanted to dress up, my #3 son wanted to be a soldier, so at least he let his dad and me piece together his uniform, hoping it wouldnt offend any of our soldiers serving in the military. He ended up with my brother in laws Army shirt, a pair of camo pants from Target, and his dad picked him up a hat , belt and canteen from the Army surplus store which was from the Marines. He actually looked so cute, he was so proud to wear it.

 The last time my kids let mE make costumes, actually begged me , was the year they both wanted Star wars, they turned out so good, I still have the costumes, Too much work to get rid of them. Maybe my Danny will want to wear the larger one some day. 
Im so glad you came by today, And I hope everyone Has a Safe and Happy Halloween.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Freezing Friday

It really starting to feel like fall around here, the leaves from the neighbors tree is making a huge mess in my yard, an every year occurance, Its always the first tree to loose all of its leaves, and the wind blows them all over my yard, lucky for him but a mess for us. But its actually pretty, and the wind will pick up and blow them on to the next yard in a couple days.  Five years ago this month, my husband was sitting out on our bench in the front yard eating a piece of chicken, when along came a beautiful grey cat, he must have smelled the chicken because he instantly became my husbands new best friend. And my husband did the worse thing you can do , to a stray animal..FED HIM . That cat never left. He adopted us. He was very shy at first, he would only go to my husband, he followed him everywhere, probably hoping for some more chicken. Eventually we just took him in, got him a food and water bowl, a bed for the ledge outside under the window and gave him a name, "Ash", Because there was a huge fire going and there was Ash falling around us, and he was the same color.  Anyway, he finally warmed up to me, and the rest of the family enough to venture into the house, not for long, at the time my youngest was 5 and very active, so he scared him off out of the house, but that didnt take long for him to venture back inside. And found a welcome spot for him on our bed,

 Now 5 years later, he wants to stay in the house on cold nights, and windy days, but would rather be on the prowl on warm nights,  he is spoiled. He gets the scraps off the roasted chickens, he always seems to know when that is. He knows when my husband is about to come home, and is very sensitive to when we are not feeling well. He is a beautiful cat, so sorry to who lost him, but he actually didnt look very well when he found us, but now he is awesome. And on a cold windy day like today  he didn't waste anytime snuggling in for his ALL day nap.
Stay Warm Everyone..

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday

It's a happy "PINK" Saturday around here today, After many years of building my little business in many venues online, and around town, I am finally included in an AD in "Romantic Homes", my favorite magazine of all time.

Last year I was so excited to see my Christmas Stockings in a photo spread in the December Issues of Romantic Homes, even though my name was not mentioned, it was still the highlight of my year for my business. I vowed at that time that some day, my name will be mentioned. So this year I was so blessed to be part of the "Lollishops" Holiday Ad, and then after seeing the ad, I was listed first! Wow that made my year, thank you Sadie, from Lollishops. I hope everyone checks it out, there are so many talented crofter's.

I want to thank Beverly for inviting me again to participate in "Pink Saturday", and wanted to give a shout out to a fellow blogger "ONE PERFECT BITE" , yummy BLOG, WONDERFUL RECIPE'S AND PICTURES TO GO WITH THEM.
I hope you take a minute and say hi to her.

Here is hoping everyone has a safe and healthy weekend.
Happy "PINK" Saturday

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy "PINK" Saturday

I am amazed how fast a week can go by, when I didn't get anything done that I had planned to do. The flu hit my house last Sunday like a LION! So without saying much about that, it was a very unproductive week.
WASH YOUR HANDS, DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE, USE Antibacterial SOAP, WIPES ETC... That didn't keep it away. My #2 son was hit on Saturday Night, I walked behind him , cleaning it up. (The germ path that is) wiping down the doorknobs , the sinks, the handles to everything he touched. Put on the air cleaner, walked through the house with a burning newspaper :) (not sure what it does, maybe scares the viruses away..Ha! By Monday Night, guess who was sharing the Love..ME!! I'm not allowed to get sick! Who is going to take care of the boys in the house? Thank god I had a menu planned and food stocked in the house that was easy for them to handle. I'm hoping all of my cleaning scared some of the viruses away, maybe , hopefully it ended with me ..FOR NOW?

Ill pray to the flu gods that it stays far away from everyone. My pink kitty and those wonderful pink Peptos were my best friends this week. Jamba juice too. Aw that was the best thing on the 2nd day. Thank you honey.

Thank you Beverly for inviting me to be part of PINK SATURDAY, and as part of this fun, I am featuring Pink and Pretty Designs, GO check out her blog, she is even having a GIVEAWAY..just click on her in my side bar.
Hoping Everyone has a Healthy PINK SATURDAY. Im off trying to get some junking done...LOVE IT!! :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Pink Saturday

A beautiful Saturday Here in Southern California, the birds are singing and the trees are starting to turn colors. Thank you so much for including me on "Pink Saturday"
Last week I talked about my youngest little guy, and I felt it important to let you know a little about my #2 son. I know it isnt Pink, but He is like a beautiful Pink rose to me.

Our Middle Son, #2, will be 18 in January, he has been in Boyscouts since the 1st grade. And after all of this time he is finally getting to the end of his scouting career by completing his Eagle Community Service Project. He is into the screaming hardcore gut wrenching music (which I hate) but then he plays everything else too so beautifully on his guitar, His guitar and music are his passion. He has long blond hair more than 1/2 way down his back, he wears black ALL the time. If I let him get piecings he would probably be like a pincushion, but we dont allow that or tattoos until he graduates high school, then its his decision,hopefully by then he will be past that stage. Anyone that doesnt know him very well probably gets a different perception of him. Yesterday, he had to go to the stores to ask for Donations, In his Scout uniform with his hair tied back, he was so afraid someone he knew would see him. First off, the attendance lady from his high school runs into him,, oh my god, is this Joey??? She was so impressed and told him how proud she was of him. I never seen such a huge smile on his face. An older gentleman stopped him in the parking lot, and wanted to see all his badges on his sash, he was so impressed, he shook my Joeys hand, and told him he was proud of him, He didnt even know this man. Finally after 10 years of being in Scouting, it took a stranger to say how proud they were , for him to realize what scouting has done for him. I wanted to cry. Why does it take a stranger to get your kids to listen? We have been telling him the same thing . I guess we dont count . When picking his Eagle Project he had always said he didnt want to build a bench or a table, because that is all he ever sees, so after many , many , many ideas , he finally came up with a wonderful one. He is collecting new or used DVD's for OPERATION GRATITUDE. Operation Gratitude collects certain item and then boxes them up in care packages for our Military Overseas. Every year my son and his Boy Scout Troop go to the Armory and help in packing up these boxes. This year he will be able to contribute to the boxes through his Eagle Project. We are so proud of him for that. To come up with a thoughtful thing to do for our men and women protecting us overseas. It is a wonderful thing they do, you may want to look them up
So, in closing, My Joey is my Beautiful Pink Rose, full of hopes and dreams, and on his way .
And as part of Pink Saturday, we are to feature a blogger that we met,,I read Amy's OCD~Obsessive Creative Disorder" , She is so adorable, Love her Blog, Love her Cat. I hope you go check her out. CLick on her button on the side..
Hope you all have the best "PINK SATURDAY

New Items available today from CINNNAMONSTITCH

Just finished , is this adorable set of Lil'Stockings stuffed plump with premium fiberfil, and just enough lavender tucked in to give them the perfect scent. I have used one of my vintage images reproduced onto cotton fabric, and surrounded it with some of the prettiest pink roses fabric and lace. Made like a scrap quilt and topstitched throughout, her partner minus the image, with the same fabrics and lace. Then embellished with some handmade ribbon roses and other sweet posies. A ribbon hanger, and a little white jingle bell dangles from both tippy toes.

A great gift for your teachers, neighbors, even a hostess gift for all those upcoming holiday mixers, luncheons, dinner parties. Split them up , or keep them together. Cute hanging from your pretty packages, and your Christmas Tree.

Measures Approx 5" from top to toe.

Start you shopping today, You can also visit me on Ebay, or Lollishops, just click on the buttons on the side.

$ 4.80 Priority Mail Shipping

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pink Saturday

Welcome to another Pink Saturday, I am so excited to be part of this. Last week was so much fun. I really wanted to hit every blog , but time blew by so fast. But I want to Thank Beverly so much for inviting me to participate again.

As you can see I love PINK, my favorite Pink Sharpie, my Pink Phone , and My Pink Deck of Playing Cards. My youngest little guy (10) gave these to me, for One, he knows that PINK is my favorite color, but mostly because he loves playing games. This time of the year Im so busy sewing, that he has to come and bring me out of my PINK fog and get some quality time together by challenging me to one of his favorite games of War, concentration ( Which he is so good at, I rarely get much of a chance) and now his new favorite~Poker~The winner? Well we both win , just the giggling is enough for me. And the homemade brownies he convinces me that we just have to have. I have 3 Beautiful Boys, and my loving ,supportive husband. I am so blessed that they can tolerate my love of Pink. I have always told them , when they all grow up and move out on their own, their dad will be helping me transform our boy friendly home into my PINK CASTLE :) , But Im not ready for all of them to move yet, so My pink sharpie, Pink Phone and my special deck of Pink cards are all I need.,,,,for now..

As part of Pink Saturday, we are asked to feature a fellow blogger , I want to feature my absolute favorite lady I have ever met on the Net, Her name is Jil, Adrianna Boutique, "Say it with Roses". She has kept me grounded when I wanted to explode from some very unkind sellers , She only has kind, encouraging words. I know when I need to vent, she listens, or just up for a chat. She is so creative and LOVES pink just like me. I hope you take the time to check out her blog, and all her pretties she sells. Well worth it. Love you Jil!! Click on her pretty box on the side bar ..


Friday, September 25, 2009


I am so excited to part of Pink Saturday, Thank you for inviting me to your group. Today for my first post for Pink Saturday, I am going to promote one of my favorite Fabric Stores on the net. Mostly because it is all about Pink, Susan from Urban Gardens has the best store to buy all your favorite shabby pink roses fabric, I know that is my opinion, but I also know you wont be disappointed when your package shows up. Always tied with a pink ribbon, and a pretty pack of fabric laundry soap tucked in. Always brings a smile to my face, I love the smell of fresh cut fabric from Urban Gardens. I know that probably sounds a little crazy, but I LOVE FABRIC, and those that love fabric like me, will totally understand what Im talking about. I never have to worry if my wonderful postal service drops it in the wet gutter, Which they have a couple times in the past months, because susan always takes that extra care and puts it in a ziplock bag. Always crisp and pretty and smelling Yummy. And the fastest Delivery EVER.

So when your looking for that perfect yummy pink roses fabric, I hope you visit Urban Gardens