Thursday, December 3, 2009

Made My Day..I just have to share

Any of you that sell on ebay, especially all you talented artistic crafters. Its a challenge everyday to make sure your making something unique, and not to step on anyones toes. I have worked hard to build my name , one customer at a time, and my goal with everything I make, is to make the person happy that spends their hard earned money on my one of a kind originals. There is always that one person that just wants to knock you down, not my customers, but another fellow seller. I just dont understand the reasoning. Maybe they are unhappy in their life, I just dont know. But this actually just makes me stronger, and more creativity comes out of me. I love to share my ideas, if anyone asks for something, or how to do something, I would love to spread it around. And that is the same love I get from many other fellow sellers, but there is always one sour grape in the bunch.  So in closing, I hope I didnt offend anyone from saying what I just said.  I love doing what I do, and my heart warms when I can help, and when I needed it the most, I recieved this wonderful note from one of my customers. It makes it all worth it.  God Bless all of you with the talent to create from your heart, and the heart to share it with everyone.

Dear cinnamonstitch,

Gcod Evening, As a first time grandmother I was looking for something so special for my 5 week old granddaughter for Christmas and for every Christmas that we share with her. I searched Ebay for all stockings that were available and then sent them to my watch this item. Of course I had to ask Grandpa (who has spectacular taste) which one he liked. And he choose yours (the same one I liked). When we received this stocking it was more then we could ever imagine. It took our breath is so beautiful and so perfect for our little granddaughter...just like her, we cannot thank you enough for this beautiful must have had her in mind when you created it. I just wish I had this space to share with the Ebay community. Also the extra gifts I love. You know whose gifts they will go on. Thank you so much I didn't think we would be able to find the perfect stocking for our perfect little girl. Pam

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Vintage Santa Image~Pink Roses~Christmas Stocking

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The Quintessential Magpie said...

Congrats on a job well done! I loved reading this, but it doesn't surprise me. Your things are wonderful because you are, too!


Sheila :-)

Carol said...

It is so sad all the negativity has been inserted into what would have been a very nice story showcasing your talents.

Any Seller that feels they are being copied or their ideas infringed on, lack confidence in what they are doing, and it will ultimately show in their work.

Forget about other sour grapes and be your own person. Continue doing what you love, and maybe, just maybe your sales will go up :)

Wishing you well