Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday

It's a happy "PINK" Saturday around here today, After many years of building my little business in many venues online, and around town, I am finally included in an AD in "Romantic Homes", my favorite magazine of all time.

Last year I was so excited to see my Christmas Stockings in a photo spread in the December Issues of Romantic Homes, even though my name was not mentioned, it was still the highlight of my year for my business. I vowed at that time that some day, my name will be mentioned. So this year I was so blessed to be part of the "Lollishops" Holiday Ad, and then after seeing the ad, I was listed first! Wow that made my year, thank you Sadie, from Lollishops. I hope everyone checks it out, there are so many talented crofter's.

I want to thank Beverly for inviting me again to participate in "Pink Saturday", and wanted to give a shout out to a fellow blogger "ONE PERFECT BITE" , yummy BLOG, WONDERFUL RECIPE'S AND PICTURES TO GO WITH THEM.
I hope you take a minute and say hi to her.

Here is hoping everyone has a safe and healthy weekend.
Happy "PINK" Saturday