Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

Wow this week has been crazy busy, almost didn't have time to post to my most favorite blogging day, so I'm starting early.

Not much pink , sorry about that. The week started out with a year in planning Family Reunion in Yosemite National Park , and lasted through Wednesday, It was amazing and memory making, wonderful pictures for a scrapbook, try getting everyone together for ONE picture,,,A challenge. My kids learned the faces that went with the names, many stories and LOTS of fun, Hugs and Tears.  I made Memory rocks with all the names of those that have past, and we threw them into the river after a prayer and listening to a wonderful recording of my grandad talking about his grandchildren and Yosemite, it was like he was there with us. A wonderful emotional experience.

Then after being home for one day, and working on the never ending pile of laundry, a fire broke out in the hills above our town. BURNING out of control, many being evacuated , and the smoke is horrible. We are not in danger, at least I don't think so , at least by the fire, but the smoke may chase us out until it is over.

So , the only pink I have is from the pictures of the fire and of course to remind you that today is the last day to be part of my CHRISTMAS IN JULY GIVEAWAY.

And thank you Beverly for being such an awesome hostess for our pinkie lovers. 

Hope everyone has a SAFE and Happy PINK Saturday!!
                         ~Hugs to All~ Cynthia