Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wanda's New Shoes~Happy Pink Saturday!!

This is the official first day of Summer for my Middle son, But my little guy had to drag himself out of bed this morning and go to school , After a Long weekend in my favorite place in the WHOLE world Yosemite National Park. If  we could live there I would pick up everything and move today.  I dont care how many people are visiting this Jewel in California, I would love it anyway.  On our way up to my little piece of paradise, Our sweet little Trailer "Wanda",(yes, we name our vehicles) decided to kick off one of her shoes, so we sat on the side of the road until AAA came along and helped change out her shoe with a very ugly spare. I thought the hubby bought our sweet little Wanda all new shoes before this trip, but you know men, AH we can get one more trip out of them..NOT!! So off we went to the closest Trailer Shoe store and bought our sweet home away from home some new shoes..2 hours later, we were on our way with Wanda smiling behind us , showing off her new pretties :)  , Finally we arrived at the cute little towns outside the park, I love these little towns, this time though I noticed MANY little thrift stores, OH lets stop PLEASE!! Nope ,no where to park , too big.  I begged my hubby to just drop me off for a few minutes and circle around for a gas station , NOPE!! He didnt want to drive up that mountain in the dark if we could avoid it. I was so mad, but understood. These towns know that the majority of their sales go to us crazy thrift store fanatics, they should have ample parking :)  All I know is that I had room in Wanda for all kinds of fun stuff if only they had a spot just for her.  After all that, we still ended up going up that mountain and down into the valley in the Dark, snow still on the sides of the road, and PITCH BLACK outside. Did I say "SCARY"!!.  It was freezing the next morning, but so so beautiful, The water was high, the falls were full. Did I already tell you that I LOVE THIS PLACE.  We enjoyed our short trip with our little guy, the first time going on a camping trip without his siblings, I know it was hard for him, because all we wanted to do was kick it, rest under the beautiful trees, and he wanted to explore, and drive us crazy, so there was alot of compromising, I guess we all have alot of changes to get use too.  I am planning a family reunion in July at all of our favorite beautiful Jewel in California, all his sibling will be there, plus many , many , MANY cousins that are his age, It will be a wonderful Experience for him.
I hope all of you had a wonderful and safe Memorial
~Blessing to all, and dont forget to Follow me~