Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fun with my Cricut (Happy Pink Saturday)

When I invested in this Provocraft Cricut, I had such grand ideas of what I was going to do with it, but it never came about. It sat on a shelf in my craft closet for almost a year, I didnt even want my kids using it, because I spent too much money on it, to let it get used and possibly broken. Well, I went to clean my ever challenging craft closet, that is known as the FRED FLINTSTONE closet in my home, If you know anything about the Flintstones then you know what Im talking about :)  I am always scared something is going to jump out on someone if they open it, (Its not really that bad, its an organized chaos. My youngest one always opens the door just to smell it, He loves the smell that comes from it, Funny kid.  Anyway, while cleaning I pulled out the Cricut from the top shelf and found the multitude of cartridges that I just had to have, Some still in the packing, Isnt that just gross. Im not really like that, but I really did and still have GRAND ideas of what I can do.  My middle son asked if he could just see what it did, and I gave in, what the heck , why not, someone should get some use out of it..Plugged it in,,and it DIDNT WORK!! What could be wrong with it?? I used it for MAYBE a total of an Hour!! I went into a panic, I spent how much?? and it doesnt work? where is the warranty?! It had a 1 year warranty, and it ended the prior week, FIGURES, thats the story of my life. I called Provocraft, and spoke to the sweetest lady, she first said there was nothing that could be done since it was out of warranty, I wanted to cry,,OK, can it be sent back for repair? After telling her the story of the amount of use, and it was tucked away in a safe place, PLEASE help,,and if you want to get technical, It was a mail order, and it took 3 weeks for it to get to me, so TECHNICALLY I did not have it in my hands for a year YET. After a few minutes of silence while she spoke to someone else, she came back on the phone, and said , where can we send you a new one. OH THE RELIEF, on top of that , they didint want me to mail back the broken one, no stress, they just mailed me a new one.  So now, instead of tucking it away for safe keeping, IM using it, My kids are using it, play , play all you want, maybe thats why it stopped working in the first place, it needed to be used. My youngest has learned how to use it, its awesome for reports. And of course scrapbooking. Vinyl letters for Yard sale signs, Oh my goodness, Im going to use the glass etching on one of my new lines coming soon , but Im not going to tell you what it is,,Surprises are better :)
But the list is endless what you can do with this machine, I just glad my kids are using it. I guess she likes being out with the family.
Use it before you loose it!
Just like your pretty plates that sit in your cabinet,,USE THEM!! Your special enough to use them for your self, thats why you have them. When your gone, then what? Did you Enjoy them, or are they now in a dusty Antique store for someone else to stick in their cabinet.
Well thats another story for another time.

Enjoy your kids today