Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

Busy busy week, and coming to an end with some excitement in our house for our Middle Son. Its his High School Prom!! Isnt that neat! Love this kind of stuff. Picked up the tux, wow,,he is a different looking kid, I mean Young Man. He wanted me to make his Dates Corsage, that made me smile. He came home with the flowers , then I was on the hunt for all my floral supplies, found everything, made up the bow to match her dress, then wired each stem, taped etc,

showed the finished corsage to my son, and he just said,,CUTE... I guess , what else could he say. KIDS!!
The rest of my week was spent on repurposing my junking finds, that had already been painted the prior week. NO luck painting this past week,,IT RAINED < AND RAINED...Dont get me wrong, I love the rain, even the cold weather, and we need the water desperately, So I just put my other projects in the garage until the sun decides to stay out long enough to paint them.
Here are some of my finds that I have been able to list, or will list soon

I bought the crystal base lamp, made the shade, and one of my Lamp Charms tm. The shade and the charm will be available on my ebay.This cutie was given a fresh coat of pink Paint , and it SOLD!!
So much to do, and Me and my sis are off junking tomorrow. We are going to start video taping it, because its a crack up. Watch for upcoming Episodes of the "Palmdale Picker Divas"! :)
Have a wonderful Pink Satuday,,HOpe you come back soon....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I have made a goal for myself, to visit 100 blogs by the end of the month. I love blogging, I love reading about everyones lives, and joys, and talents etc. I have learned new things from many, and improved on old. I will also be putting together a GIVEAWAY  for when I hit 100 followers. I hope you join me in making a goal of visiting all of those lovely and talented bloggers out in blogland. I love you all. ALL..