Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday

It is NOVEMBER 14th!!! Wasnt it just Halloween??? Oh I just dont have enough time to get my list complete. This year has flown by so fast, seems faster every year. Why take down the Christmas Lights, We are just going to have to put them right back up :)

This week Im going to share some personal information with all of you , with hopes that it helps just one person. I have been going through a rough 2 years, dealing with my Perimenopause. I have Hypothyroidism with Hashimotos Disease too. So imagine what my hormones are doing.. Last year I THOUGHT I was getting the proper help, but after MANY months of  reverting back to the same, Fatigue, heart palpatation, anxiety, to the point of not being able to do ANYTHING, I knew the treatment I was getting was not right for me. Due to insurance changing , I had to go to a different doctor , which the anticipation of having to pretty much start over explaining all my symptoms made me sick. So, Monday I went to my new doctor, WOW...I have never seen a doctor spend that much time with me, She wrote everything, pretty much mapped out my life for the past 2 years on her desk calendar. She reviewed the medication I have been on, and almost went through the roof when she found that I was prescribed a Hormone patch for my Estrogen levels..I was not a candidate for this since I still have my uterus, it can cause cancer and it was just making my symptoms worse, well I had stopped using it on my own several months ago, because I felt it was causing me to have 3 week long Excessive Periods , for 2 months in a row, and my doctor said it was NORMAL...How can bleeding so much be normal??!!  Still dealing with the excessive fatigue pretty much debilitating some days, into weeks. I THINK i found my angel in a doctor, She changed my meds, I am in the middle of every blood test, EKG, Stress Test, Ultrasound to make sure it isnt anything else. She pretty much said what my mom has been telling me. My hormones are fighting with each other, and they need to learn to get along :)  Today, after 5 days on new medication, I feel GREAT. Now dont get me wrong, I know this can change overnight, But today I feel great. Only we can tell when something is wrong, most doctors dont have the time to listen , until you start screaming, or being your own advocate. Write everything down, everyday, what you did, what you ate, what your feel, etc. see if there is a pattern. And find a doctor that will listen. If in doubt , get another opinion.  I hope this wasnt too much information for some of you, I only wish to help. I know IM not the only one out there with similiar problems. Sometimes is good to know that you arent the only one, and we can help each other through it. Getting old sucks, and im not ready to feel old. I have too much to do, especially what I love.

Today for the Pink, I am painting with pink paint. Ill show you when they are complete, but here is my Pink christmas Tree made with over a hundred of my ribbon roses.
And I want to thank Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday, I so much love participating, I love looking at everyones blogs, and meeting all the nice people on here.
Hope everyone has a safe and happy Weekend