Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy "PINK" Saturday

I am amazed how fast a week can go by, when I didn't get anything done that I had planned to do. The flu hit my house last Sunday like a LION! So without saying much about that, it was a very unproductive week.
WASH YOUR HANDS, DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE, USE Antibacterial SOAP, WIPES ETC... That didn't keep it away. My #2 son was hit on Saturday Night, I walked behind him , cleaning it up. (The germ path that is) wiping down the doorknobs , the sinks, the handles to everything he touched. Put on the air cleaner, walked through the house with a burning newspaper :) (not sure what it does, maybe scares the viruses away..Ha! By Monday Night, guess who was sharing the Love..ME!! I'm not allowed to get sick! Who is going to take care of the boys in the house? Thank god I had a menu planned and food stocked in the house that was easy for them to handle. I'm hoping all of my cleaning scared some of the viruses away, maybe , hopefully it ended with me ..FOR NOW?

Ill pray to the flu gods that it stays far away from everyone. My pink kitty and those wonderful pink Peptos were my best friends this week. Jamba juice too. Aw that was the best thing on the 2nd day. Thank you honey.

Thank you Beverly for inviting me to be part of PINK SATURDAY, and as part of this fun, I am featuring Pink and Pretty Designs, GO check out her blog, she is even having a GIVEAWAY..just click on her in my side bar.
Hoping Everyone has a Healthy PINK SATURDAY. Im off trying to get some junking done...LOVE IT!! :)