Thursday, June 17, 2010



Every Friday will be my Frankly Frank Posting, It will be about his antics and adventures for the week, and believe me , he has a handful of antics .

PhotobucketYes , he is just 9 weeks old now, and very comfortable in his surroundings, he finally met the older cats in the house after his quarentine that was recommended by the vet, due to all the illnesses shelter animals pick up, but he has been left with a purr that sounds like a  baby tiger, and unfortunately a respiratory problem that he will have the rest of his life.

PhotobucketHe gets into everything , just like my 18 month old grandson , he is small enough to get under furniture that cannot be moved without a dolly, he tears up pieces of paper and spreads it throughout the house, not to mention what he does to his litter box. If it werent for the bell on his collar, we wouldnt be able to find him.

The introduction to the other cats was scary, probably more to me than him.   The oldest cat "Butch" is 17 years old, but you wouldnt know it , he just smelled him and walked away.

 Our Grey "Ash" whom adopted us many years ago, doesnt like the baby at all, his fangs came out and that scared me, He isnt a mean cat at all, but its his territory so we have to watch him. His fangs are longer than Frank is wide so who knows what damage he could do to him, he just staired at him with his big green eyes like he was going to attack him. YIKES!

In an earlier post about Frank I told you about "Bagherra", he was the cat that adopted us, and then went on a journey, we went to the shelter many times looking for him, and never found him, he was gone for exactly a month when we adopted "Frank".  Saturday night, my brother walked in the house and said he had a "SURPRISE" for me, GUESS WHAT IT WAS!?   It was "Bagherra!! he came back.. I couldnt help but cry, I was so happy to see him, I knew he was out chasing Butterflies! And got lost, but he found his way back, but we are just saying he is the visiting uncle, because who knows when he will take off on another journey.  He didnt much like Frank , he hissed and swatted at him, and frank went back for more, he keeps a little distance now but Frank likes Bagherra : )   There definitely will not be anymore cats around my house, 3 plus our visiting Uncle are more than enough. And FRANK is a handful!!

I hope you enjoy my posts about our new little Frank, And I will do my best to keep those that were interested up to date.  Have a wonderful Friday..Hope you come back tomorrow for "PINK SATURDAY"


fannipauline said...

How delightful Frankly Frank is and so playful. Love your blog. Hugs.......Pauline

The Happy Homemaker said...

I love that kitten!!!My daughter had a gray and white kitty named Frank, who I suppose is out chasing butterflies...however...he left his pregnant "wife" at our house...who graced us with a litter of 5 kittens!So we have a part of our Frank still with us...who knows...he may come home after all:)