Sunday, March 14, 2010


It has been a while since my sister and I ventured out Junking. First of all, the weather has been crazy, and second, I have just been WAY too busy with other important things..WHAT??? too busy for junking?? YIKES..

So, listening to the trustie weather guy, it was suppose to be a beautiful day for junking,,ha,,wouldnt that be funny if they said that?  I was up bright and early , with all the must have junking supplies, looked outside,,looked pretty windy, nothing new around here, so I wrapped up warm , and off I went to pick up my sissy. 

We always try to make a game out of it, so this week we had to accomplish 3 things each. #1-find something that we can Sling on ebay that all we have to do is snap a pic and list, Love that word, Dont you? "Sling"
#2-Find something to repurpose #3 Find something Pink

First stop,,A HUGE rummage sale at one of the High School, we were the first ones there, IMAGINE THAT. The only problem with being the first one, is that everyone had not finished unloading, and since we were anxious to get going, being our first junking day for the year, we scrambled through what was there, found some goodies, and off we went to the next.  And by the way,,It was FREEZING , with blowing wind, my sister didnt dress for that kind of weather, so we didnt stay long at each location because she was freezing..There were yard sale signs up EVERYWHERE, we just love seeing the multi colored signs all over the neighborhood. Unfortunately we took my little mustang, BIG mistake, I could have filled a truck. So we had to settle for filling my little car to the top .

A very successful day, I must say. Here are some of the items I found. THis is just a little bit . I didnt feel like taking pictures of everything today. But These are items that are already being REPURPOSED!!

Ill show these when Im all done, making them Pretty.   Today, being Sunday, and the day was beautiful , perfect for spending the day outside getting some fresh air. I already sanding down the table, and it will have a fresh coat of primer and cottage white paint by the end of the week , weather willing. My little Milk glass lamps will have the wood and brass painted white, and new shades made custom just for them, I love doing this, but I hate giving them up in the end, but that is why I do it, Its my little income, so I can keep doing it :)

As for our little game, I found a couple things to SLING, a bunch of stuff to repurpose, but couldnt find anything PINK !   Maybe next week.

Hope Everyone had a wonderful weekend, And I hope you all remembered to SPRING your clocks forward .

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