Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some of my Completed Projects this week

It has been the perfect week to be working outside in the paint. First of all, I love bringing new life into
past loved items. I know there is someone out there that will love them again.

Earlier this week I posted some of my junking finds, and due to the most beautiful weather, I was able to get alot done.
THis is one of the little lamps, a little bit of paint and a new custom shade , so cute. and then the little perfume bottle next to it, all victorianed up. And remember the tired looking brown table, All it needed was some fresh paint, a pretty Catherine Klein Roses Decal, and a pretty pink glass knob, which I ordered, so I guess technically its not done, but I couldnt resist sharing.  There are a few more things in their final stages that Ill share later.  I hope you enjoyed, and come back soon. Check out my ebay for some of these prettys available, plus Im making custom lamp shades too.
Hope everyone is having a beautiful Pre-SPring Day!!

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