Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Busy Busy Year already

So much going on, I havent even turned on my sewing machine since Christmas,,WHAT?!!!! yep, my sewing machine is calling me, I have so many ideas running through my head, so They are written down for the near future.

But for now, its all about my Joey, he earned his Eagle Rank in Boy Scouts,,How proud can you get?! Such a huge accomplishment for him, and now we are planning the celebration, its like a wedding, but with less time.  We want it to be perfect for him, without embarrassing him :) too much anyway.

I have been digging out all his 10 years of boyscout memories, they are everywhere, I think I saved everything, just not all in one spot. 10 years from the beginning of Cubs to now,,10YEARS!! All worth it though.  A couple rough spots along the way, but now he can look back and feel he accomplished something that not all boy scouts do, He didnt give up, even though I know he would have many times. And the one thing that was his favorite out of all of this was his Eagle Project, in which he collected over 2000 DVD's for Operation Gratitude, Operation Gratitude puts together Care packages for our Military overseas for the holidays. He enjoyed every minute of that. So proud of him for that too.

He has many fun memories, oh , he is such a cutie. I was the Cubscout Leader and all of my boys were so much fun, out of my 8 Cub scouts , My Joey and one other made it to Eagle. I

So back to planning his party, so many fun things to do. In the middle of making him a quilt with all of his Patches on it, and some old pictures. The hall, the food, the cake, the decorations, oh my, and the invitations. Commendations from the president , the govenor, the mayor, a flag flown over the capital in his honor, ceremonies, special guest, whew!! All worth it for my Joey.

He is turning 18 next week, and he wants to have a party, so we have to tuck that in there somewhere, and to top it all off, He graduates from High School in May.

Plannning a Family Reunion to take place in July,,My whole family, so far so good.

And then Trying to get a little bit going on my little business "Cinnamonstitch" so my customers dont think I dissapeared. Im hear, just a little busy with my most important things in life, MY FAMILY!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful joyous Christmas and Safe New Year.

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Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Sweetie...
We will always be here. Family first. Your Son is such a handsome young man. Wow has he ever worked hard to get this rank. It does not come without blood, sweat and tears. I am thrilled for him and for you and DH as well. What a wonderful accomplishment.

Graduating and then off to college? That one hurts. I hope you will post pics of everything. You know us bloggies we document everything from food to family.

Have a beautiful day sweetie.

Country hugs, Sherry