Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

Again , another saturday!! This week has been busy , busy, as usual for me. Last week I told you about the rag quilt that I was making for my son, well its done. I love making these quilts, they are time consuming but easy.  And when it was all done, just the look on my sons face made it all worth it. He will have this forever. Im selling custom similiar on my ebay site, if anyone has a boyscout in their life. I call it a Brag quilt. 

Also this week I started featuring other sellers in my ebay store, My first feature seller is someone that I have sold her items in the past, She paints all my jingle bells for my stockings, and She is my sister.

She made the prettiest vanity mirror, oh my, its yummy, and PINK,,,just in time for that valentine in your life, or for Mothers day. It will look pretty just laying on your vanity, or hanging on the wall. So sweet.
I hope everyone has a wonderful valentines full of love and happiness, and stay safe all.
Thank you beverly for hosting out weekly Pink Saturday, I hope your feeling better.


CC said...

Oh my..your quilt is wonderful and the mirror is simply beautiful. How talented your sweet sister is, her work is just gorgeous. Happy Pinks, have a great weekend.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

How beautiful! Thanks for sharing these beautiful things with us.

Happy Pink Saturday!


Sheila :-)

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Love that pink mirror. You're right, perfect for Valentine's day or Mother's day! Thanks for sharing, your sister is talented, too!

Happy Pink Saturday

~Mermaid Shelley

♥Mimi♥ said...

So sorry that I missed you yesterday. It seemed like the day just ran away from me! But, with this being ♥Valentine's Day♥ what better time for me to stop by to see your Pink Saturday goodies.

It's been a long and dark winter up here near Canada so filling myself up with pink is my way on the weekend of chasing away the blues - not that blue isn't a nice color, too☺

I ♥ coming here. All the pink and all the girlie stuff just floods my brain and makes me want to do a happy dance right where I sit!

Thanks so much for sharing. After all, isn't sharing one of life's greatest pleasures?

♫Happy Valentine's Day♫

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Pretty quilt and pretty mirror! I am still making my pink Saturday rounds!