Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Rose

My favorite rose in my garden was the first to bloom, It has the prettiest scent, probably the only one that actually has a scent strong enough to enjoy.  Its lavender, the picture was taken this morning so the morning sun was shining on it, Ill take another later this afternoon when the sun is on the other side of the house.   This year we have had so much rain, Love it, and more is coming tonight, but due to all the rain, I had a pretty flower pop up in a garden that normally I cant grow anything but weeds in. I filled this planter up with flowers last year, hoping they would stick, even though they rarely do, but I always try.  After about a month they were all dead or eaten by something. This spring I had a big surprise when one of the flowers came back all on its own, and its huge!! Must be due to all the rain?

It is sitting amoung some pumpkin seedlings that my son started, he is hoping to get that one pumpkin to grow this year, He tries every year at that too.This time he put them all over the yard, hoping one will hold. Along with Corn, My son is 18 years old, and to see him out in the yard tending his little garden,,IS PRICELESS :)

Hope everyone is having a beautiful Spring day, Its 70 and breezy with a chance of light rain here in Southern California. LOVE IT!!


RosesMarijke said...

Very beautiful Roses!
I looooove roses!!


Teena said...

oh your so lucky to have such beautiful roses in your garden!