Thursday, May 13, 2010

Protecting your Cherished Photos

Due to my procrastination, I almost had a huge disaster with my cherished Photos. Over the years we accumalate 100's of photos on our Personal Computers, with that thought in the back of our heads, "I need to put those on an External Drive just in case my computer fails". I put it off, and Put it off, I actually started going through all of them last week, putting all my #2 sons photos into one file for his graduation Video, and as I was doing it, I found 100's of photos I had forgotten about, and in the back of my head, "I better get these on a disk just in case"..BUT,,procrastination set in. 
Yesterday, I inherited a Trojan on my computer, someone had it in an email, hopefully unknowingly, and I opened it , the email took so long to load , that I just said forget it, and I reset my browser. Well, the damage was already done. It completely froze up my computer. At first I didnt panic,,because I have one of those handy protection things on mine, that I pay yearly for, and its not cheap. So , It will be fine, Just have to figure out what to do to get my computer back . WELL forget the protection, they didnt do ANYTHING, oh well is about what they said. The little hairs on the back of my neck started raising, a little panic set in, I dont care about the computer, I just want my pictures!! My brother came over and helped me restore my computer, and assured me that my pictures will be intact.  After a couple hours, my computer went back online, all my programs that I had installed had to be reinstalled, just like a new computer, BUT NO PICTURES, NO FILES , we couldnt find them, Everything was gone. 4 years of pictures from an old computer and 3 years of photos from this one, all my kids pictures, videos, I cant even tell you how many images for my business I have ..ALL GONE. I had to go pick my little guy from school, and I cryed the whole way, screaming at myself for my stupid procrastination. Composed myself just in time to not freak out my son, got home and just sat and stared at my computer monitor.. IM GOING TO FIND THEM..I started clicking away , everywhere they could be, I know they are on here, my storage is still the same, click, click, click,,,I FOUND THEM,,ALL OF THEM, 7 years of my kids, vacations, holidays, all those special moments, my grandbabies birth to his first step ...Hiding. WHEW!!!!!!!!!! I was lucky this time, someone was looking over my shoulder. GUESS WHAT IM DOING TODAY....
    Im protecting these once in a lifetime photos, by putting them on an external harddrive, and then on disks for safe keeping

                                                         Grandpa and Grandbaby Kamrin

If this story saves one families cherished photographs, then I did my job. I am getting them printed out too, so they can be put into scrapbooks , just in case the disks go bad, or in the future there is no way to watch them. You never know...I have a box full of video cassettes with no way to transfer them, because the video camera doesnt work anymore. More memories waiting to be forgotten , due to Technology ....

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